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The Gaming Revolution Can Revitalize the Industry

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg August 22, 2017

Source: Pexels

Like many things, gaming is a revolution. What may have been popular several decades ago will eventually be popular again. The ebbing and flowing of taste and trends are some of the only things in the industry that can be guaranteed. And by identifying trends that have come around again, it can help games developers get on top of the trends that will follow and help shape what the gamer plays. With that in mind, here are a few examples of games that keep coming back.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot has returned to fans in probably the best way that Crash could. Spinning his way back to us to defeat Cortex all over again. Crash N. Sane Trilogy is essentially a remastered version of the original three games, repackaged together for the PS4. Crash represented a generation of fans of the early PlayStation games that enjoyed the scope the new format allowed – completing levels with simple tasks and growing progressively more difficult, as they followed a narrative led by an anthropomorphic cartoon. But this time, while the narrative can be trusted to deliver as before, the gameplay is reportedly a lot more difficult – a boss level returned for the now-grown-up childhood fans of the game.


Bingo has been played since time immemorial – or at least since Italy in the 1530s – but, recently, it has had something of a revival. Forget the dabbing that went on in stuffy silent clubs, bingo has utilised the internet to give itself a makeover and to appeal to gamers of all ages. For example, bingo no longer has to contain just the numbers – it can be surrounded by content and franchises that fans are already connecting with, becoming another extension of the franchise. For example, you can come and play 75-Ball bingo games at William Hill Bingo and enjoy elements from TV phenomena like Deal or No Deal. The same website has also expanded to include 90 and 80 ball games.

Arcade Games

The 80s revival is in full swing, from Stranger Things to the disco beat pulsing through the music charts. However, one key facet of the 80s was the arcades. The gameplay was simple and the narrative almost nonexistent but arcade games kept punters coming back for more. The feel of the arcade game has been absorbed by technology. With the help of VR software, the arcade game is looking to make a proper comeback with a more modern twist, as was hinted at during 2016’s E3 conference. VR technology is still in its infant stages of consumer roll out so, by partnering up an old favourite that wasn’t played for its graphics with new technology, fans can be introduced to VR by heading back to the 80s and reminiscing on what they used to enjoy playing.

By looking back into the past, games developers can enhance the future of gaming. Fans of gaming should keep their eyes peeled for the revolution and may just be able to get ahead of it and contribute towards the turning tides as gaming once again cycles back around to the things previous generations loved.