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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? Ring in 2017 at These Geek Approved Taverns!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson December 29, 2016
man passed out New Year's Eve

The age old question, what are you doing New Year’s Eve haunts me every year. Travel often separates me from friends and a good time, but don’t let travel Krampus your style this holiday season! Ring in the New Year in true geek style with these themed bars.

The Best Geek Themed Bars:

New Year's Eve The Way Station

Doctor Who fans unite at The Way Station in Brooklyn, New York. With a Doctor Who themed cocktail menu and a life sized TARDIS replica anyone can be a companion. Sundays are dedicated to the sic-fi fandom and screenings of episodes and features are the hit of the weekend! The bar also hosts a closed door New Year’s Eve party with live music, tickets sell fast so buy them now.

Deer with lock eye New Year's Eve

Let the Hogwarts Express be your DD and spend a magical night at The Lockhart Cocktail Bar in Toronto. At least one drink per section on the cocktail menu is Potter themed. First and Third Tuesdays are especially magical as the bar hosts Harry Potter Trivia nights.

hobbit ,movie set New Year's Eve

Since the filming of The Hobbit, The Green Dragon Inn has become a fully functioning Pub in Hobbiton, New Zealand. A wizard is knocking on your door this holiday season, take an adventure to the Hobbit movie set! The Green Dragon is the pub of choice for an adventurous night. Finishing the tour or booking a private event is the only way to get into this exclusive slice of LOTR film history.

bar logo lovecraft New Year's Eve

If you love horror, the call of Cthulu can lead you to The Lovecraft in Portland, Oregon. A real-world horror feel will draw you to this bar, but you’ll stay for the great food and music. Complete with hand-painted murals and 1800’s baby coffins, let your nightmares come to life and serve you a drink.

Zombie Den logo New Year's Eve

Even in the zombie apocalypse we could all use a drink. The Zombie Den in Minneapolis, Minnesota can make your apocalyptic dreams a reality. This self proclaimed half cocktail lounge half dive bar is all grit with a great drink. If you find yourself shuffling through Minnesota make this unforgettable theme bar your first stop.

Which bar would you like to visit most? Have you ever been to any of these theme bars or know any more like them? Let us know in the comments below!

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