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Geek gadget review: iClever gadget roundup

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. April 7, 2016
It's a charger

I got 99 problems son and a charger was one. My trusty quick charger for my Galaxy S 5 started acting a fool recently, slowly charging my devices. It was up to no good so I began the search for a new one when our good pals at iClever sent me a care package that will tide me over for quite a while.

It's a charger

First in the package was a trio of speedy chargers to replace my stubborn one. The one I fell in love with the most was the BoostCube 3.0 24W Quick Charge err…charger. Man this thing is fast. Promising 85% juice in just 35 short minutes, this thing works its magic with 3.0 devices such as my Galaxy S5 and higher. I dropped my phone on the charger, walked away and came back an hour later and had a full battery. Which was awesome! Awesome ya’ll! This bad boy is well worth the $16 and some change Amazon wants for it. It saves so. Much. Time!

It's a charger

The next charger in the box was the iClever 4 port BoostCube. This puppy is perfect for power users who have a lot of devices to charge at the end of the night. With four charging spots, you can power a whole host of phones, tablets and other usb fun stuff. Charge times were on par with a regular quick time charger, giving me a full battery in approximately 4 hours. Not bad in my very humble opinion. You just can’t beat having that many slots geeks. Amazon’s asking price is a hair under $20.

It's a charger

The last of the trio of chargers from iClever was the 2 port BoostCube. While maybe not as fancy as its 4 port big brother, this guy is still a champ. Great little charger for peeps that may just have a single phone/tablet setup to charge nightly, this BoostCube delivers a solid battery charge again in about 4 hours. I never had to worry about putting my devices on it and waking up to an empty unit. You can pick one of these up on Amazon for $11.

All three chargers share a foldable plug and the same body type. If I could find any fault in them, and this is just to nit pick, I would wish they were more slim. As they are, I had to pull my night stand out a few good inches to plug them plus the cables in. Again, just a minor nuisance. Otherwise these are excellent chargers and will do anybody looking to upgrade or find a replacement a solid, speedy job. You will find far, far worse online.It's a keyboard

The one thing I was not expecting that iClever sent along in the gadget extravaganza was the Trifold Bluetooth Keyboard. This puppy came in at a manageable pocket sized aluminum casing. Once unfolded it feels like a regular keyboard. It does the clickity click click like a normal, physical keyboard. I liked this one as I could stuff it in a bag and tote it around town and whip it out at a hot spot to bang away on say a review of chargers. Which I’m saying I did.

The iClever keyboard was a sturdy one. I did a lot of typing on it and not once did I feel like I was going to break it. I’m notoriously hard on things so this makes me very happy. Another neat little touch is the back lights. Not only can you turn them off to save juice but they can be changed from green to blue to red. I left them at green because green is Hulk cool. All in all I have to say the keyboard earns the $55 is garners on Amazon.

What did I learn about iClever over the last couple weeks? I’d have to say they have their products well put together. Even the least expensive two port charger felt sturdy in my hands. You should hit these guys up, pick yourselves up some new gear. Tell them DHTG sent ya!

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