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Geek Gadget Review: Spider Ear Buds

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. March 13, 2016


Something happened to me…. It started out simple enough, a single pair of ear buds came with one of my phones. I set them aside because headphones and all. One day though, I was just too lazy to go get my cans. I decided to go ahead and use the pair of pack in ear buds, thinking I would use them just long enough to get by until I got unlazy. Wrong. While they weren’t the greatest, I liked the low profile and feel of them. Ever since then I’ve amassed a small collection of buds. Waterproof. Bluetooth. Wooden. Various other. And now here I am testing a new set from the kind peeps at Spider USA.

I was sent two sets of ear buds – the Jade and Sapphire series. Both are built like rockstars, durable and tough. Seriously, I love how these feel in my hands and more importantly, in my ears. Getting them to fit was easy peasy, each set came with extra ear tips.

Sound was outrageous with these sick puppies. I usually notice a light drop off in sound quality when switching from the phone to buds but there was no such thing with either the Sapphire or the Jade. Calls were excellent, I felt like I was using the ear piece on my phone. Listening to music was a jam session. The treble came in clear and crisp, vocals were sharp. Bass was a thumpin’, not too loud and not as soft as some sets I’ve used. Using them for streaming services like Netflix or Hulu had me forsaking my headphones more and more. Getting caught up on “Parks and Recreation” at night was a true delight.


Both sets come with and inline mic. I routinely asked my callers how I sounded to them and except for one call, they all said I sounded like I was right there. No real echo like some mics have and it didn’t pick up much if any of my background ambient noise. The last set of buds I used were horrible for background pick up.

Now that I’ve had some good time loving up on the Jade and the Sapphire series, I’d have to give the nod to the Jade set. While $10 more, the inline mic also comes with a volume control slider. Very handy indeed. Makes it nice when you don’t want to fumble with your phone to adjust that talky talk talk. The one thing that may put off some people is the placement of the mic on the Jade buds. It sits alot lower on the cords then the Sapphire ones but it doesn’t affect how people hear you. I know because I’ve been using them pretty hard.

Cost is where these headphones really excel. The Sapphire set comes in at a great price of $19.99 while the big brother The Jade set are only $10 more bringing your total to $29.99. I found for the quality the cost was perfect compared to some other high priced sets out there.

The bottom line from a guy with a pile of buds sitting on his table? You can’t go wrong with a set of Spiders. They sound great and callers won’t complain about your background sounds (unless you have Call of Duty on blast). You can hop on over here and grab you a set for yourself.

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