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Geek Review: Coocheer Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 26, 2016

Many of you long time readers know that I’m quite the ear bud fanatic. I’ve tested a metric butt load (official unit of measurement) but the one thing I’ve never dabbled in until now was Bluetooth speakers. Thanks to our fine friends at Coocheer, I got to break into the field.



The Coocheer CH-080 I was sent is a sleek looking little speaker. The last time I looked at a Bluetooth speaker, they were well over three times the size of this little puppy. I love the look and feel of the speaker, except the “All in One” knob/button seems a bit large and in charge. Sure I suppose it has to be because it controls not only the volume but the song control, it just seems garish and out of place.

Some people will tell you that some Bluetooth devices are a pain in the gigantic ass to pair, there’s usually some weird button presses involved and no instructions. I can’t tell you how many Bluetooth ear buds I’ve played with that were exactly that way. The Coocheer however was one of the simplest devices to pair I’ve ever done that I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It was simply turn on the speaker and scan for devices on my phone. It was so simple and easy, I wish all makers did this.

It's the Coocheer CH - 080

Once hopping onto the Coocheer, I was beeping and booping through the speaker from my phone instantly. The absolute first thing I had to do when testing out the speaker was jump on Google Play and fire the soundtrack to the Force Awakens. Nothing beats that opening theme coming through a new set of any speakers or speaker and this was no exception. It sounded rich and deep, almost like my TV, albeit too quiet even at full volume. I let it play and was really sad that it was as low a volume as it was. I decided to try some hard rock, same thing and here’s where I find out the truth about Google Play, they drop the volume on you automatically. I bumped the volume button on my phone and it went louder on the speaker. I pumped that shit up until I received a warning about too loud and damaging my ears. Pshaw!

I went back to Star Wars and enjoyed it the way it was meant to be. So. Much. Better. Crisp, clear, minimal crackling. Yes, there was some crackling but I had it pumped pretty high. I’m not going to say that I felt like I was in a theater or even it compared to my television but the sound quality was pretty solid all the same. You could spend way more and get worse quality, I know, my friends have done it.

One of the better features that I liked about the Coocheer speaker was that due to it being a Bluetooth speaker and hooked up to my phone, it also serves as a speaker phone for hands free operation, say in the car. Usually, again as most of you know, I’m all about the ear buds for hands free but I really needed to test this out. I put it through its paces in two different paces: in the car and just as a sloth in my geek cave. It was much easier to use it in my cave than in the car. I wanted to keep it on the dash so I could hear it better, even with the volume pumped it still sounded faint. There was no way out of the box to anchor it to the dash. Granted it’s not a listed feature to use in the car but it would be nice. However, just chilling in my geek cave with it by my side was the lazy man’s ideal gadget. Volume up, phone down, hands on a remote or Xbox One controller.

I took calls from the Geek Queen and loved it. She came through really well, just like the music if not sometimes a little muffled and faint. I heard about 98% of what she said but that doesn’t mean I understood. She has a crazy job. The problem came from my end though. She said there were a few times I sounded distant and vague and not in my usual sarcastic way. I don’t know if I moved my head or if the speaker had a hard time picking me up but it’s not a perfect experience.

Charging the speaker was pretty decent. My initial charge I gave it the usual eight hours but after that I tested it at four and had a good time with it. With both trials of charge time I was able to get a decent five to six hours of play time out of the Coocheer, something I found very agreeable.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Coocheer Ch-080 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. It played my music fairly well, made talking on the phone hella easy and looked slick. I can’t get over how small these things have gotten. There are plenty more different brands of bluetooth speakers out there that you can read about and decide whether they’re for you. To find the meilleure enceinte Bluetooth, visit iTest. Nevertheless, give Coocheer a shot, we’ve reviewed other devices of theirs and had similar results. Grab your here now.

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