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Geek TV Episode 2: Boredom Strikes Back

written by Jason Marcano July 31, 2015
Stuck in a queue?

Stuck in a queue?

What’s up my fellow Geeks? If you’re stuck in a line like these people I’m assuming not much. Fear not, episode 2 of Geek TV is here to strike boredom where it hurts the most; the funny bone.

Last week I posted some videos I found while being bored online. Lo and behold! Boredom has reared its head once again this week. I’m beginning to think this is going to become a thing.

So here we are, one week later, and I have found more (new to me) videos that brightened my week and yanked me from the murky depths of the internet. A place I assure you no one should ever venture. Take my word for it.

Once again these are in no particular order. The channels can be visited by clinking on the name of the site in the description.

    1. First is a fresh one from College Humor. I gotta say, they hit the nail on the head with this one.

      That’s the gist of pretty much all of ’em.

    2. Next is one for those of you having trouble understanding the lyrics to your favorite anime’s. You may not know this, but a lot of the times they use English words, not just Japanese ones. Thanks to AzukanoAMVs we have a handy “translation” to some of these lyrics. DISCLAIMER: Some colorful language!

      If you’re curious, a second video has been compiled “translating” even more lyrics.

    3. Ever wonder what would happen if the White Ranger and Scorpion met in a back alley? Well wonder no more as batinthesun answers this and many other Vs. questions.


    4. Here we have an awesome¬†Twitch stream raising money for Doctors Without Borders. The Games Done Quick is an annual event in which gamers speed run classics for charity. It is going on until August 1st. I was hypnotized at the Yoshi’s Island speed run and found out some amazing glitches, paths and exploits I never realized existed. Some of these games came out 20+ years ago and speed runners are STILL finding new things.Check it out –¬†GamesDoneQuick.


Retro Wrap-up (brought to us by Dorkly): Lastly here is a throw back. A vid that gets me everytime.

Any of you Geeks find anything that tickled you this week? Put it in the comments below, we’d all like to laugh with you.

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