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Sponsored App Review: Fortress Fury

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. July 18, 2015

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I’m always on the lookout for a new mobile game for my phone. I tend to burn through games rather quick as I like to sample all the offerings. I got my hands on Fortress Fury and was instantly intrigued by its fortress building aspects and pure multiplayer action. Normally I’m not one for multiplayer as a sole game play feature but I didn’t want to decimate the computer with my awesome building skills. Little on XREAL below…

The basic gist of Fortress Fury is build, build, build baby! Players are tasked with building their optimal fortress to defend against invading baddies. Everything is based upon a small grid, by placing connecting tiles for defense and war machines for offense, mad scientists will soon have their ideal walled garden. Building your base is fluid and easy, soon even I had a wonderfully built fortress of death. Never once did I find myself stumped and had a solid grasp of the building aspect of the game very quickly.

Fortress Fury starts you off with a helpful tutorial. It helps noobs like myself get acquainted with the building and action. By the time it was done, I felt well prepared for the long road ahead. I managed to hobble together what I thought was a serviceable fortress to withstand the forces of evil. Boy was I ever mistaken.

I hopped into my first multiplayer match and was handily stomped by a much higher level person. I did almost zero damage to them. Okay so that’s a fluke, right? Sadly no. I have yet to win a match in the game and quickly felt the wind slip from my sails. Thinking I most certainly did something wrong, I checked the game’s reviews on Google Play. Turns out, this is a common complaint amongst new players. The game does a poor job of matching like skilled players with each other. It was turning off people fairly quickly.


Another thing I noticed was that it took forever to be paired with another player. Sometimes I had to quit the game and re-try at a later time. That very much became an issue the more I tried to play. Between that and the over powered enemy combatants, I was turned off of playing the game. I am hoping with later patches this will be corrected so we can match up with people a little more our playing level.

Something that bugged me a lot was the lack of a way to quit the game. Normal games have an exit feature or will let gamers leave by pressing “back”. Fortress Fury does neither of those. The only way to quit on my Galaxy was to long press the Home button and exit via the task manager. I don’t know what peeps playing on other devices can do, some devices don’t have a physical home button.

I know it seems like I’m complaining a lot but the depth that is presented in the tutorial is never fully realized. It gives players a peek at the building and crafting but never lets them bite into it. I really wanted to sink myself into the crafting system where the game was supposed to let me make better upgrades and weapons to battle the more equipped multiplayer geeks. The crafting is a cool aspect. By gathering resources, users are given the ability to acquire better defensive tiles and hard-hitting weapons of death. The game is generous in handing over a daily allotment of said resources and by playing daily anyone can have quite the stock for crafting. The crafting that the tutorial has new players do only whetted my appetite for more.


The game has a great cartoony aesthetic to it that I really dug. It’s simple and neat. The sound effects were also a simple affair but I end up playing most games on silent to not disturb others. It’s enough to draw in new players intrigued by them. For mobile games, it seems the popular ones all have this sweet cartoon loving image and Fortress Fury definitely has that in spades.

I will be awaiting the patches for the online multiplayer (and I hope they come soon) before I make a return into Fortress Fury. It has a ton of promise for a mobile game but I don’t want to play an unwinnable game as most of us don’t. Hit the links below to grab Fortress Fury for yourself on iTunes or Google Play! If you are playing and have any comments to add be sure and leave them in the comments below.

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Download on iTunes

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