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Geeky Gadget Review: SCUF Infinity 1 Controllers

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. October 24, 2015


Scuf Infinity 1

You ever hear a name and just go “Huh”? That’s the way I was with SCUF. The thing is, once I dug into what they were I was really psyched about them. See I love to play video games but I blow chunks on first person shooters. I’ll play the campaign but shy away from most multiplayer because I find my lack of control disturbing. But I want to delve into some of the MP, especially on Destiny.

What does SCUF do? They design modular controllers for the serious gamer. Players can buy components to swap out thumbsticks, add to the d-pad and even change up the grips. As a tinkerer, I loved the concept. What’s better than a fully customized controller to my specifications?

In my awesome package from SCUF, I received all the things. Grips, thumbsticks, stick rings, everything to make this controller my own along with the SCUF Infinity 1 controller. The first thing I did was hop onto some games and tested it as is. Solid little controller, not much different from the standard Xbox One controller.

It came with the optional paddles installed and I wanted to play with those so bad. After a learning curve, I was finding myself hitting the paddles on the back instead of lifting my thumb off the analogĀ sticks. In the beginning I found it dropping my reaction times ever so slightly but as I used them more, muscle memory took over and I was jumping like a pro. Get the paddles and the remapper so you can switch the buttons around, it’s worth it.


Before I took on some Destiny, I needed to swap out them sticks. I included the thumbstick kit in my package so I could get that extra tilt to fine tune my horrid aim. I used the longest one on my right stick and the medium on the left. Once I got my gorilla hands to get a feel for the new length, I felt a marked improvement in my aiming skill. I could tell I was actually blasting fools faster and more on point. That extra length made it possible to dial in my spastic aim.

The other big improvement to the controller are the swappable grips. Buyers can get themselves the pro grips standard or they can opt for the FPS grips which I whole-heartedly recommend. They come with trigger stops that cut the pull length of the left and right triggers. What this means for playing FPS games is a quicker aim and a faster shot. Way faster. We’re talking a pull of half or less to pop a shot in some rando or Fallen. The awesome thing is peepsĀ can easily pop off the FPS grips and slap back on the pro grips if needed for say a racing game or action game where full range is needed. Plus the FPS grips can be fine tuned with the included key to get the pull right where one likes it. Again with that awesome and easy customization.

Which all of my upgrades fully locked in, I decided to do something I had long feared – a raid in Destiny. I got an invite to run with a fireteam and at first I was a bit timid. Once I embraced the changes to the controller I was in full control of my…destiny. My kills went up, my deaths way down and I was actually contributing to the team’s overall success. My shots weren’t going as wide, my sights were coming up much quicker. All around I had one of the most pleasant experiences in multiplayer I’ve ever had. I fully believe I can hang with the pros now.


The SCUF Infinity 1 is a brand new addition to the SCUF family but they’ve been around for a while. The basic SCUF Infinity starts at $119.95 and each of the options add a little bit more to the price tag. With all the bells and whistles you come out the being close to what Microsoft wants for its upcoming Elite controller but I don’t think MS can match the full range of colors and designs on offer for the Infinity 1. That’s what I love about SCUF, it’s all about the gamer.

Do yourself a favor, if you suck like I do, set aside the cash to pick one of these bad boys up. They feel so comfortable and play so well. Thanks to the fine peeps at SCUF for the awesome care package!

Final grade? 9.5 out of 10.

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