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Geoff Johns Made President of DC Entertainment

written by Jordan Cobb July 27, 2016

The times they are a-changing at DC Entertainment.

Rumors started swirling recently that DC Chief Creative Officer and writer Geoff Johns had been made DC Entertainment President alongside current president Diane Nelson. Turns out the rumors are true and DC has come out to confirm the news themselves.


When Johns was promoted to head DC’s films with Jon Berg in May, that’s when he received the new title as well. Johns will remain CCO at DC while being answerable to Nelson.

This only adds more to Geoff Johns’ already huge plate what with helping Ben Affleck develop his solo Batman film, revealing he did co-write the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, and of course his involvement with the DC Entertainment shows. All this means Justice League #50 and DC Universe: Rebirth are most likely┬áthe last comic books he’ll have written for a while.

Six years prior is when Johns was made CCO of DC and his recent promotion is just one of many changes within the inner workings of DC.


The promotion also is no doubt rewarding to Johns who has been a dedicated worker at DC since 1999 and has had┬ámuch beloved and classic runs on comics such as the Justice Society of America, The Flash, Action Comics, Superman, Aquaman, and of course his now legendary run on Green Lantern that helped to revitalize Hal Jordan and make him a mainstay with the plethora of DC heroes. He’s also responsible for the creation of Courtney Whitmore AKA Stargirl.

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