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Get Your Snack On With These Geeky Recipes

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson February 5, 2017

Geeks big and small will love these fun snacks. Whether you have a little picky eater or you are hosting a movie marathon I’ve got you covered. Spice up your snack game with these geeky recipes!

Healthy Snacks

If you’ve ever wondered what Polyjuice potion tastes like, you’re in luck! This smoothie is a crazy and healthy concoction of fruits and vegetables, no hair needed. If you’re looking for fun healthy snack, a Polyjuice potion smoothie is the perfect choice. Hosting a Harry Potter marathon? Blend up a huge batch during the second movie to show you are a die-hard fan. Warning: this potion may turn you into a vegan if brewed properly.

Smoothie in goblet

Image from Miss Kitchen Witch

Maybe you need a healthy snack but don’t have a blender.  This Pokéball parfait is the perfect solution. Use your favorite white yoghurt (vanilla, greek, plain, etc.) for the base, then add some delicious berries to complete the design. If you aren’t a fan of raspberries and blueberries, you can substitute in strawberries and blackberries instead. You are sure to catch any geeks attention with this easy and fun snack.

Swoop in and battle that next hanger strike with these cheesy TIE fighters. Not only can you satisfy all your cravings for crunch while getting some protein, you can also play with your food! These are super simple to make, and only take three ingredients. These are sure to be an absolute hit for Jedi of all ages.

Sweet Snacks

If breakfast is a battle in your house, Tetris waffles are the solution. This simple breakfast hack also makes a great snack. Cut your square homemade or frozen waffles into Tetris pieces by following the pixel-like grid from the waffle iron! To make this cool treat a snack, bag up some waffle pieces with a little cup of syrup for dipping. Fantastic for breakfast on the go or a geeky snack during the day.

It’s time for something sweet, and what characters are sweeter than Ghibli’s Soot Sprites? These delicious cookie pops are great for a no-mess treat on the go. Pack a few in the car if you’re taking geeks on a road trip, or even as tasty surprise on the way home from school for your favorite little geek!

Soot sprite cookie pops

Image from Fiction-Food Café

If you’re looking for a geeky meal, check out Video Game Food IRL for more fun recipes. Do you have a favorite geeky snack? Share them with me in the comments below!


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