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Get Your Free Xbox Games Before Time Runs Out

written by April Carvelli February 6, 2015

xbox oneOn February first Xbox360 owners were given two free games, and Xbox One owners were given one by Microsoft. However, they must have an Xbox Gold subscription to claim them.

For Xbox 360¬†owners your two titles aren’t very well-known, but do you really want to look a gift horse in the mouth? They are free, and it might just give you a chance to try something new. The first title of the month is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and it will only be available until February 15th. You play two brothers who are traveling across the world to find a cure for their ailing father. Technically this isn’t a two player game, but you could easily have your buddy join you because you control both characters simultaneously using both controllers.

brothersThe second Xbox 360 game will become available on February 16th, it is called Sniper Elite V2. This is a WWII marksman game where you sneak around and take out numerous high-level targets using a variety of weapons. The game supports single, multiplayer or co-op play.

The game available to Xbox One fans is It Draws a Red Box, also known as #IDARB. This is a 2D sports game where you toss a ball into your opponent’s goal. It seems simple, but it’s not. This is a multi-player game that appears to be quite addictive. It started out a crowd sourced game and expanded from there, you really need to play it to see. This game is available until February 28th.

Get these games while you can. Xbox 360 users can keep their games even after they drop their Xbox gold subscriptions, unfortunately Xbox One users can not.

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