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Gorgeous New RPG Ghost of a Tale, gets PC Release Date

written by Tyler February 28, 2018
Ghost of a Tale's gorgeous forest environment

After a successful Indiegogo campaign and nearly 5 years of development, Ghost of a Tale finally gets some release dates. As noted on their news page, March 13 (for Steam, GoG, and Humble Bundle, anyway) is the day you’ll be able to take your cute little stealthy mouse and go on an adventure to try to find your long lost love.

Ghost of a Tale tells the story of a Disney-looking mouse named Tilo, who is in search of his true love, Merra. Through your Zelda-inspired adventure, you’ll come across enemies, where your best tools to use against them are stealth, cunning, and disguises.

Ghost of a Tale's subterranean adventures, up against a bird-like boss

The man behind the curtain of Ghost of a Tale is Lionel Gallat, who goes by Seith wherever found online. Gallat’s notable works include being supervising animator and animation director for movies such as The Road to El Dorado, SharkTale, Despicable Me, and The Lorax. As for the development of his first ever video game, Gallat describes the development of Ghost of a Tale as being “mostly being developed by one person, Seith, with a little help from his friends.”

I played a bit of this early access today, and man it is gorgeous. In the Indiegogo campaign, Gallat describes the goal for the environments to appear like mini movie sets. While the game is described as an “action-adventure with a hint of RPG”, I was thoroughly impressed for a game to be made by a single person with some help. The gameplay is polished, the stealth is very refined and the overall feeling was quite charming.

Ghost of a Tale, showing a coastal environment

Gallat stated in the news post:

“The release date for the consoles version (Xbox One (X?) and PS4) is not yet set because I want to make sure we address everything before we start entering the “certification dance”. I have a very poor internet connection and I can’t upload huge files back and forth as quickly as I wish.”

The post also indicated a playtime of around 8-10 hours, and almost double that if you do all the side-quests and such. Ghost of a Tale is currently on for $19.99 in early access, but starting March 13 it will go up to $24.99, so go get your mouse adventures on early if you want to save.

What about you guys and gals? Have you tried Ghost of a Tale yet? Let us know in the comments!

Ghost of a Tale, looking around a dungeon

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