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How Does the Gigantic Beta Stack Up? DHTG preview

written by Alex Lopez November 13, 2016

Now I have never played a MOBA before. There are tons of them out there, but I was too busy with games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim. I try to avoid online play as much as possible unless I have some friends online. MOBAs scare me even more because the thought of having to play nice with people I don’t know doesn’t sit well with me. I have to play support because nobody else wants to? No way!

Then I played the Gigantic beta over the weekend. This game was a lot of fun! Gigantic doesn’t bring anything new and exciting to the world of MOBAs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. Plus it is free to play! What’s not to love about that?



There doesn’t seem to be much of a back story. As far as I can tell, it is simply you and your team defending your Guardian until they are powered up and ready to join the fight. That’s about it. I’m sure there is more to the story than that, but the beta didn’t get too deep into the story. Same with the playable characters. Not much information is given in regards to any background on the characters.


As I stated earlier, this game is fun. The gameplay is very fluid and I did not experience any lag during matches. This says a lot about how far along the developers are with the game. There may not have been many players in the beta though. I did run into an issue with matchmaking taking some time, with the average matchmaking time between 3 to 5 minutes. Once I was matched up though, the fun was on!

There is a tutorial that helps you to get a feel for movement and the battlefield. During this time, you learn about how to summon creatures on the battlefield to help with support or offense. This is a helpful mechanic that allows you to fill in holes you might have in your team such as support. You can summon up to three creatures throughout the arena, but these creatures can be attacked so make sure to defend them as well.

Only eight characters were available in the beta, ranging from melee to tank to support. There is a shop in the main menu that allows you to purchase additional characters to play with in-game currency. As you win matches and unlock achievements, you earn currency that allows you to purchase new characters and skins. I find it a lot more satisfying than just paying for skins and characters. As a gamer, I get that sense of accomplishment by unlocking extras. Not many games give you that satisfaction anymore.

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Art Style and Audio

I absolutely loved the visuals of this game. It is always nice to see games with beautiful and bright colors that allow you to see every detail. I found myself getting killed at times simply because I was too busy checking out the landscape. The cell shading style works well in creating this fantastic world. It is reminiscent of the Borderlands games and even its fellow MOBA Overwatch. If you are going to follow an art style, this one is certainly the way to go.

The soundtrack creates the perfect amount of tension. I have always believed with movies the soundtrack makes the scene more than the actors or setting. The same goes for video games. The right sound can be a make or break situation and Gigantic has found its sound. Only one map was available during my time with the beta so I can’t comment on whether each stage has its own sound. What I can say is that the map I did play, taking place in a canyon, had a unique sound mixture. There is a very tense, action movie type feel mixed with a very earthy, natural sound. As you play, the soundtrack pulls you in, letting you know that you are in the middle of a very ancient, very intense battle for supremacy.

Wrap Up

All in all, Gigantic is another MOBA trying to find its place in the ever-growing genre. While it doesn’t seem to have anything that sets it apart from the others like Overwatch, it does provide enough fun for those who enjoy these types of games. Even if you are not a fan of MOBAs, like me, Gigantic is worth a shot. I will definitely try out the full game once it releases. Keep an eye out for the open beta that the developers are hoping to have up by year’s end.

Gigantic beta 7/10


Happy Gaming!

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