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God of War official, in development now!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. December 7, 2014


At a God of War retrospective at the PlayStation Experience this weekend, Santa Monica Studio’s Creative Director Cory Barlog confirmed that a new God of War is in development. When pressed for answers he gave it up that this wasn’t a prequel, rumors suggest this could a reboot hinted at earlier this year. Barlog was also asked if the new game would star long time series protagonist Kratos but he refused to answer that one. he did say that he hoped to have more to disclose in the next “year or two”. Year or two? We want our God of War now!

I dunno about a reboot but I also don’t know what more they can really do with Kratos. I mean the god then not a god wrestled a few Titans in his quest to bring down the gods. What do you do with a character that has cheated Death more than a riverboat gambler? Put him in a farming simulator?

What say you geeks? Ready to eviscerate more ancients creatures with the man himself or would you rather Sant Monica Studios focus on a new (anti)hero? As always, let us know in them comments!

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