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God of War 4 May Be Shown At E3 (Rumor)

written by Jason Marcano June 12, 2016

Reliable industry insider Shinobi602 has spoken out in a video about an eagerly awaited sequel: God of War 4. Shinobi602 knows his stuff, he’s been on point with several accurate claims in the past.

In the 100 minute video, released just under a day ago and posted below, Shinobi brings up many games, but one we haven’t heard too much on really stuck out: God of War 4.

Shinobi says that E3 will be God of War 4’s “…big coming out party.” God of War 4 was mentioned in April earlier this year and is rumored to be taking place within the Norse mythology and its healthy stable of warring Gods and Goddesses.

He goes on to explain that Kratos, the protagonist from the previous 7(!) entries, will be in the game, but he is most likely not the main character this time around, and that the game may not even be called God of War 4 in the end.


Looks like we’ll need to brush up on our Norse Mythology.

Are you geeks ready to go to war with Odin and Thor? Wish they’d stick to the tried and true Greek gods, or has that well run dry? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to follow us on our social media outlets to stay up to date on all the news flooding out of E3 this week!

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