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Brand New God of War Trailer Reveals Release Date

written by Damian Gordon January 24, 2018
Kratos attacks a creature in God of War PS4

Kratos has come back for more than rage this time, but also a thick dad beard while he tears through foes in the latest trailer for God of War.

After God of War 3, Kratos “died” after stabbing himself with a giant sword through his stomach. Sometime after that, a woman saw him and was like, “yeah, I want that guy with the stomach gash” and they had a kid.

Since killing all the Greek gods in the original trilogy, Kratos has moved onto Norse figures to “catch these hands” too.

The story is about Kratos taking his wife’s ashes to the highest peak as her last wish. His son Atreus joins the journey, learning more about his father’s hidden past and his own powers.

Kratos shows decapitated head to beat in God of War

The large-scale battles make a return along with smaller more intimate moments if the trailer is any indication. The new installment is set for release on April 20, coming with three different collector’s editions to choose from.

Make some shelf space

  • digital deluxe edition – $69.99 includes the game, digital art books, and in-game bonuses
  • collector’s edition – $129.99 features a 9-inch statue of Kratos and Atreus, a cloth map, and a SteelBook case
  • Stone Mason edition – $149.99 includes the previous items, a Mirmir head keychain, Stone Mason Ring, and 2-inch troll/horse carvings.

This is the first new game in the franchise since 2013’s God of War: Ascension with its multiplayer mode that no one asked for.

Game director Corey Barlog returns to the series since stepping away after God of War 2. His comeback marks a big departure with throwing out fixed cameras, bigger emphasis on exploration, and the fact he has a kid, well, for now, I mean he is Kratos and he has a tendency for losing family members.

What do you feel about the new direction for the series? Will you be picking this one up? Let us know in the comments!

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