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Godzilla In Hell #1 Review

written by Mike Speer July 21, 2015


Yes, you read that title right.  IDW has release the latest issue of the Godzilla franchise titled “GODZILLA IN HELL” and the first issue is exactly what you would expect.

Godzilla in Hell is a 5 issue miniseries published by IDW comics and it is every bit of kaiju awesomeness you would expect it to be.

I’ll give you a quick paragraph of NON-spoiler review before I tell you all about this book.

As I mentioned, this book is everything you would expect.  I haven’t read any of IDW’s previous Godzilla titles but I had a pretty good idea what I was getting myself into.  The name alone was enough for me to get excited about this title.  It’s Godzilla action as you would expect it but in comic form.  You know he doesn’t talk, he just fights.

Each issue of the 5 issue series will be drawn by a different artist and this issue is written and drawn by James Stokoe who has drawn other Godzilla titles like Gangsters and Goliaths and The Half-Century War.  Godzilla looks exactly like he does in modern times and takes care of business.

Like I said, this book is everything I expected it to be with lots of action and NO dialogue.  If you’re a Godzilla fan, go pick it up because I’m excited to see what’s next.



So now, let me give you breakdown of this madness.

The issue starts with Godzilla falling from the sky right into what is presumably Hell.  Now like I mentioned, I haven’t read any of the previous Godzilla titles so I’m not sure if anything led to this or the book is just getting right to business.

Godzilla takes a few looks around as he’s just as confused as everyone else, or should I say she?  Is Godzilla technically a she?  It’s given birth.  Maybe I should just go with “it?” Can someone clarify this?  I guess I’ll just stick with Godzilla…So Godzilla is confused as to the new surroundings and notices a large pillar of rock behind him/her stating the words “ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE” as if you needed any more confirmation that Godzilla is in Hell.  Godzilla immediately destroys it with its fire breath and demolishes it to rubble.  As Godzilla wanders around the new land a little more, in the distance it comes across a nuclear power plant of all things, but after page 7 there is no more messing around.

Godzilla investigates the plant only to be attacked by a huge tentacle like monster (because what else would be in hell but giant monsters, right?).  With ease, Godzilla dismantles this monster and smashes it into the ground.  Again, there is NO dialogue in this book.  None.  Not one word balloon in the entire issue.  But again, exactly what I expected from a Godzilla comic book which I have no problem with.

Godzilla makes its way across the land further to encounter a giant cloud in the distance.  As it approaches, we see that the cloud is made of PEOPLE!  The cloud of people turns into a massive tidal wave and attacks Godzilla in an awesome double page spread which ends with Godzilla coming face to face with himself!/herself!/itself!


I will say that this book moves very fast.  With no words, it’s easy to just move through the action and finish this book in a very short amount of time.  However, it’s all action, and unlike action you’ve ever seen from Godzilla.  We have seen Godzilla get into some wild brawls with some really out there monsters but we’ve never seen Godzilla IN HELL battling monsters unlike anything it’s ever come up against before.


Once Godzilla goes to attack itself, the doppleganger turns into a tentacle monster reminiscent of the kaiju from earlier but now it’s part Godzilla.  After a little back and forth, Godzilla eventually pulls the move it pulled in Godzilla 2000.  Godzilla lets itself be half way eaten by the monster only to ignite its entire body and blow up the enemy monster from the inside.

After all is said and done and we’ve gotten a comic book full of action and Godzilla taking out two, almost three, different monsters…the ground opens up and Godzilla again falls through the ground and is shown falling from the sky.  This leads me to believe that Godzilla will be falling through the seven levels of hell.  Although, there are only five issues, I think, so we will see.

Godzilla falling

The biggest thing that makes me enjoy this book is that I have no idea what will happen next.  It is a very fast read with no dialogue and the artwork is dark but establishes the action with many panels on each page and is still worth picking up.  My curiosity is peaked as to where it will go and even more thinking about where it may end.  Godzilla definitely has a lot of miles left to go on the screen and definitely on paper.


Did you pick up Issue #1?  Liked it?  Didn’t like it?  Be sure to let me know in the comments below and keep on reading those obscure comics.  It’s not just all about superheroes ya know.


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