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Good Mythical Mornings’s “Edible Prom” is Glorious! [VIDEO]

written by Ali L May 7, 2016

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Good Mythical Morning is an award winning morning variety show hosted by creators Rhett and Link, who discuss news and often offer opinions and advice to subscribers that reach out to them.

Such was the case when a young viewer of the web show, clueless about prom, asked this doozie of question on their Cinco de Mayo episode;

Dear Rhett and Link, what’s up with the croissant? Its supposed to match your dates dress right? Same with the tie? Is there a special brand of croissant that is the best. Oh boy. #GMMAdvice

What ensued can only be described as pure internet gold as Rhett and Link proceed to stage an “edible prom”, complete with a “crois-sage”, cinnamon roll cummerbund, asparagus crown, “pad-tie”, pig’s ear boutonniere and a spaghetti and meatball prom dress.

I mean, is it just me or should this be the future? If Lady Gaga can wear a meat gown why can’t I have a t-shirt made of garlic bread or a chocolate brownie wristwatch?!

Edible Prom: Meatball gown and pad-tie

In all seriousness though, Good Mythical Morning really played this one out well and I have to thank the poor young kid that asked such an unintentionally ridiculous question for not double-checking before he clicked submit.

Don’t just take my word for it, check it out yourselves!

And if you like the idea of things that “shouldn’t” be edible being edible, check out this delicious Pizza Box Made of Pizza!!!

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