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Google Assistant Making Calls, Fooling People Into Thinking It’s Human!

written by Liz May 10, 2018
Google Assistant on Pixel

Google’s I/O 2018 is going on and the announcements this year are turning heads. One of the biggest is the new ability they are releasing, which enables the Google Assistant to call and schedule appointments at the user’s request.

Their presentation held two examples of what this new feature will, they hope, be able to do. The first example showed the Assistant calling to schedule a hair appointment. The second attempted to make dinner reservations. While some of the wording comes across as a little stilted, both conversations go off without a hitch.

The ability of Google Assistant to understand the nuances of the conversation, to be able to respond instead of just repeating the same phrases, is as amazing as it is unsettling. This would be immensely helpful. Imagine rushing from one errand to another and just asking your phone to call and make reservations for dinner that night. There is no more excuse why there are no plans for an upcoming anniversary. “I forgot” isn’t much of an excuse when your phone can make the reservations for you.

They announced it would be released in the next few weeks for testing.

The Assistant isn’t the only announcement from Google. They also spent a good deal of time talking about Google Lens and its upcoming increased distribution. Google’s Aparna Chennpragada explained the new features they laid out would allow for converting a dinner menu into editable text. You would be able to highlight the items on the menu and find out ingredients and recipes. She explained:

Words are everywhere, if you think about it. Now with smart text selection you can now connect the words you see with the answers and actions you need.

Google is also toying with adding augmented reality to their maps app based on a new technology called visual positioning. (Along with a possible cute little fox companion.)

Google Assistant street view for maps

Google Street View with Directions

With one day left of the Google I/O conference, it will interesting to see what else they announce. What are you hoping to see?

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