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Google Maps Here To Remind You They Are Always Watching

written by Quinzel Lee March 2, 2017
woman crossing street

Google Maps is the new Santa Claus that, sadly, doesn’t leave you gifts. It sees you when you’re sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it has photographic evidence if you’ve been good or bad, so be good if you don’t want the entire internet to find out about it.

Google Maps catches a lot of odd things and this isn’t news to anyone. However, sometimes the image isn’t odd within itself, but just a strange and freaky coincidence.

Imagine this scenario: your friend asks you to pick them up. You look up the address and Google Street view shows said friend standing in the same spot they need to be picked up. “Cool!” You think “Google snapped a pic of exactly where my friend is in real time!”


woman on corner street


Except not really. Coincidentally, the friend was standing in that same exact spot months ago.

Rich Hodge was shocked to see his friend Michele Noad standing in the exact same spot as Google Street View pictured. 

Michelle Noad says “I told him I’d be stood on the corner by B Block reception, so he Googled it and found where I was. When he arrived, he said I’d never guess what he found on the map, he had spotted me. We couldn’t believe it.”

Michelle thinks the pic of her was taken as she was leaving for lunch…back in September! Five months prior!

“I have tried to look up the odds but I think it is just such a freak thing, it’s impossible to work out.” Michelle says.



The Google odds were certainly in her favor that day.

So weigh in, is this coincidence fun or freaky? Does it scare you that technology has been prying into your everyday lives without you knowing, or do you just think “Hey, Google Maps gives me good directions. I couldn’t care less. Pry away.”

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