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Google Sued for Discrimination, But Not What You Think!

written by Nathan Richardson January 24, 2018
James Damore over building Google Sued Goolag

Prominent corporation and search engine Google is being sued by an ex-employee. The griping engineer made intense claims about the company’s treatment of its employees, but is it really true? Discrimination cases are nothing new in this era. However, this one seems a bit different. Is there truth behind the reason that got Google sued?

Why Was Google Sued?

James Damore, an ex-engineer for Google, is the leading voice in the lawsuit. He and co-worker David Gudeman claim they were discriminated against because they’re “conservative white males”. Damore spread a ten-page memo around Google+. It had info on his view of Google’s diversity hiring policies, female coworkers, and biases. He went further to explain how he felt conservative white men were treated unfairly.

Damore explained his opinion about women in the workplace. Other than his claims that men have a “higher drive for status”, Damore acknowledges in his memo that women get paid far less than men. While there is proof of a gender pay gap in many companies, the reasons Damore provided were harsh. His reason for female workers’ lower salaries is that “women spend more than men” and “the salaries represent how much an employee sacrifices”. How big of a gender gap is there? An internal investigation last year discovered these salary statistics:

Google Pay Gender Gap Statistics Graph

Image Credit: New York Times

Naturally, his comments about women’s supposed lack of determination and ability to succeed caused a huge stir. The CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, was especially upset by his sexist remarks. She agrees with Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s choice to let Damore go. Damore didn’t take this lying down. He retaliated against Google with a series of attacks, from insults to lawyers. He went so far as to call the company “Goolag” in reference to Soviet slave labor camps.

Where’s the Good in Gudeman?

David Gudeman, also an ex-engineer for Google, made headlines on a smaller scale. Gudeman was removed from his job after making racist comments about a Muslim co-worker. Shockingly, he claimed his coworker had ties with terrorists. Obviously, he didn’t realize that most terror attacks in the United States are usually committed by other white men like himself. It seems highly unlikely that he will win his lawsuit.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Speech to Press

Is Google TOO Inclusive?

One problem Google has is that it tries too hard to please everyone. However, not everyone has taken to the policy changes. Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, posted the entire lawsuit document against Google on Twitter. There are some weird policies inside, and you have to wonder whether they even work or not. A workplace with rules against harassment and that encourages good social skills is great, but when does it go too far? Could this be the problem that got Google sued?

What Can We Do to End These Problems?

By now, virtually everyone realizes that gender inequality and the discrimination that many groups of people feel on a day-to-day basis at work is a major problem. The simplest solution also appears to be the most difficult: think of all groups equally. This does sound redundant, but it’s the most important step. Every human being is just that – a human being – no more and no less. The sooner we see that, the better. No gender, sexuality, or skin color is better or worse than the rest and should not be treated as such.

In order to put this entire problem behind us, people must band together as whole lines of employees. Should someone end up singled out due to ethnicity or gender, it is of the utmost importance that all other workers do not idly stand by as onlookers. Talking to your friends and family about what happened during a racist, sexist, or homo/transphobic event at work helps to spread the word and show people what is truly going on behind the scenes. Give support to those who are going through a really rough time at work and talk together to find out possible legal solutions. If everyone stands together as people rather than individuals, it becomes that much harder for others to bring any of them down.

Not the First or Last Time Google Sued

Do you think that James Damore has a point, or is just another person looking for attention? Does he stand any chance in this lawsuit? Is Google trying too hard to be something it’s not?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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