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Google Will Have Election Results Available As Soon As the Polls Close

written by Jake Tanner November 8, 2016

Hillary versus Trump

Google has played an intricate part in getting today’s tech-savvy world involved in the voting process. I used their service to find my polling place, and they’ve even been helping people through the steps of registering to vote. Google announced today that they’re going to skip the newscasts and display the results of the U.S. elections via search and available in 30 languages, on their page.

If you simply Google “election results”, even now, you’ll see results updated in real time to the national elections. Having real time updates is going to be preferable for many voters, especially the younger demographic, who want to skip the media bias and get straight to the results. Google has shared via their official blog that the results will be updated every 30 seconds. This feature is available right now. You can switch between Presidential race, all the way through Congress, and even down to the states whose Governors are up for re-election.

I think it’s great to see a huge company like Google making voting even more accessible to everyone. They’ve stepped their game up to get voters involved by streamlining the information on how to register where to vote, how to vote early, and now with giving us election results literally in the palm of our hands. Give this new feature a look, it’s definitely worth your time and super easy to use!

While the results will be available via Google search, Google also announced that they will live stream election coverage on YouTube. NBC, PBS, MTV, Bloomberg, Telemundo, and The Young Turks will be available via live stream.

What do you guys think of this new feature? Do you have any ideas you’d like to see offered to get more people involved in the voting process? Jump in on the conversation in the comments below!

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