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Parallel 2 iPhone Chargeable Phone Case by ‘Gosh!’ REVIEW

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert June 10, 2016


The Parallel 2 iPhone case is easy to use and great to use, and well-developed for those who are on the go and away from the ability to charge. The developers at Gosh! provided a well designed piece of equipment that is easier on your wallets compared to the competitors.

The material used on the case is a fireproof ABS polycarbonate protective case that has a weight of 95g. On the side of the case above the charging port is a LED display of the current battery value on a scale of 4 lights. In addition, the case includes a pull down lightning cable that will fit into your iPhone charging port.  However, the case does not provide any screen protection. Users should be aware that this would be best used in the office or around the house where it is not exposed to drops or the elements.

When receiving the case, it comes in two separate parts: a softer plastic piece that surrounds the iPhone, and the harder plastic back that holds the Li-polymer battery. Users will place their phone in to the softer case, which will then slide into the case that maintains the battery. It should be noted that it is difficult to put the two pieces together as the sliding the case in does not always seat correctly. From time to time, I was required to just snap the top case into the back.

The case is very affordable and at a competitive price to other battery cases on the market. All in all, I would recommend this case for use for most users that may be away from the ability to charge up at a moment’s notice. If you are an outdoors-man or prone to dropping your phone or exposing your phone to the elements, perhaps a more durable case would be a better fit for you.

You can find the Gosh! series at the link below. This particular model retails for $29.95:

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