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We got confirmation that Wolverine 3 will be rated R.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 9, 2016

Finally, after what seems like eons, the rumors of whether or not Hugh Jackman’s last stand as James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine will be a rated R affair have been addressed.

Confirmed today by producer Simon Kinberg, it is official that Wolverine 3 will follow the successful Deadpool and be R rated. This is great news for fans of the berserker mutant looking for a big pop at the end of Jackman’s run. Also confirmed is that the movie has begun filming. Yes!

It's Wolverine

Not remedied is the story line of the third Wolverine movie. People are going nuts on the web saying that we’re looking at the possibility of “Old Man Logan” being adapted for the big screen. Just rumored at this point and time but so was the R rating.

For those wondering, “Old Man Logan” was set in a future world in which our collected superheroes failed to stop the onslaught of the various villains. Can you say holy scenarios?

It's Wolverine

The movie is going to be like a western according to Kinberg. Not only that but it is going to be pretty violent and brutal. All the hallmarks of a great Wolvie flick. The other rumor hinted at but not confirmed is if Professor X will be in the movie. Kinberg would not acknowledge Patrick Stewart’s involvement. Knowing the complicated relationship between Wolvie and Chuck, I’d say it’s a given.

With Wolverine going out in style, what do you geeks think? Will the more adult rating push the mutant with the adamantium skeleton into record breaking success ala Deadpool? Sound off in the comments below.

For those looking to get another glimpse at the ole canucklehead, keep your peepers turned to this month’s X-Men: Apocalypse. After that trailer showing him going all Snikt Snikt, you know he’s gonna put the hurt on someone.

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