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Green Lantern Corps to be Co-Written and Produced by David Goyer

written by Jordan Cobb January 12, 2017

The light for Green Lantern on film shall shine brighter than before with its latest announcement.

It has been reported that David Goyer will now be producing the future installment to the DC Extended Universe, Green Lantern Corps, as well as co-write the film with Justin Rhodes (Contract Killers, Grassroots). Their approach for the film is being described as Lethal Weapon in space, which is par for the course really since the Green Lantern Corps itself are pretty much the intergalactic police really. Goyer conceived the story with Geoff Johns, the man responsible for bringing the Green Lantern back to prominence at DC Comics.

The film will be an origin story focusing on Hal Jordan, Air Force pilot and the most well known Green Lantern, and John Stewart, an African American sniper from the Marines and also most well known from the ever amazing Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated shows. Stewart’s relationship with Hal and the Corps itself is said to be a huge focus of the film itself.

This of course will be the second attempt and bringing Green Lantern to film after the disastrous 2011 attempt with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Goyer is a self admitted comics fan and has been involved with several comic book based films such as the Blade trilogy, he was a co-writer on The Dark Knight trilogy with Christoper and Jonathan Nolan, and has most recently been heavily involved with the DCEU with Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was also a co-creator and executive producer on NBC’s Constantine.

Interestingly enough in a Reddit AMA back in 2013, Goyer was asked how he’d do a Green Lantern film and he simply replied, “Better.”

What’s your reaction towards to news, are you excited or worried about Goyer’s involvement? Who is your favorite Green Lantern! Sound off geeks in the comments below!

Green Lanterns Corps is scheduled for a July 24, 2020 release.

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