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Grimm Season 5 Finale *Spoilers*

written by Ali L May 21, 2016

David G Grimm

Season 5 of Grimm came to an exciting close this week in a two hour special titled “The Beginning of the End”. Last year in another article,  I anticipated that the coming season was going to be a fun ride and boy was I right. If you haven’t gotten the chance to catch up and you’re not a fan of spoilers turn back now friend, delight in a binge watching session, and return to us when your brain is full of tv goodness. If you aren’t familiar with the universe of Grimm, here’s a quick run through;

“Here’s what you need to know: in this universe the Grimm brother’s were actually part of a family of bad ass, monster assassins, that have survived by killing and keeping record of the real life creatures they’ve come across over the centuries. Nick, the main character, is a Grimm…”

Last season, Nick thought his human turned Hexenbiest girlfriend Juliette was dead but actually she was taken and mentally “reprogrammed” by the secret organization, Hadrian’s Wall, whose main goal is to keep knowledge of the “wesen” world underground. With the help of elusive HW operative Meisner, she becomes Eve: a super powerful alter-consciousness of the heavily traumatized psyche of Juliette.

Eve from the TV show Grimm

The opposition this season surprisingly wasn’t the Royals like the last several, but rather, another secret group, know as Black Claw, whose goal is opposite to HW’s. They believe that wesen should live in the open, and even go as far as to insinuate throughout the season that humanity should be taken over or outright eliminated to make way for a wesen dominant future.

Another interesting development this season was the surprise romance between Adalind and Nick. Last season Adalind used some evil sorta witch magic to transform into Juliette, only to seduce Nick and accidentally get pregnant with his baby. But, after the lull of shacking up with a baby and a super powerful Hexenbiest suppression spell I guess the two forgot they were enemies and well…you know the rest of that old story.

Unfortunately for Black Claw, they underestimated Adalind’s OTHER child, the evil prophesy child Diana, who not quite single-handedly but with some help from Nick, eliminated all the major BC leadership in the area, squashing the uprising. However, Hadrian’s Wall was wiped out in Portland too and now it looks like Nick will have to face off against the newly elected mayor Sean Renard, Nick’s former captain and friend turned betrayer ( who also happens to be the father of Diana).

Diana Schade Renard from the tv show Grimm

One thing is for sure, the finale left more questions than it answered and those lingering details should make for an excellent sixth season this October.

For one, where are the Royals? Surely Nick hasn’t lobbed off all their heads, no? And if the…magic stick (?) really healed the trauma Juliet went through and made her human again will she and Nick once and for all reunite, or will he continue fighting for a relationship with Adalind, the mother of his child?

In fact, in an interview with EW, even series star David Giuntoli can’t help but speculate about how Nick will handle the romantic dilemma next season;

“We’ve built such rich histories for all of our characters now. I kind of hope we have some time to steep in our main characters and focus a little less on Black Claw and stuff like the exterior, evil groups. Let Juliette come back and watch the fallout of that. The writers brilliantly set up this scenario where Nick’s now happily with Adalind and they have a kid. And what in the world, how do we explore that? I don’t think it’s something that should just be glossed over.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of Grimm and if you are what did you think of the season finale? Let us know!

Also, am I the only one that seems to have noticed that no one ever runs out of bullets in this show during shoot outs?!

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