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Is GTA Online’s Orbital Cannon Ruining the Experience?

written by Nathan Richardson January 7, 2018
GTA Man in Krampus Mask At Doomsday Console for Orbital Cannon

After completing missions for materials to sell in Grand Theft Auto Online for a week, you’d expect a decent sum of profit. Unfortunately, now your hard-earned rewards can be destroyed right out from under you in mere seconds due to the overwhelming power of the new doomsday weapon, the Orbital Cannon. Rockstar first introduced this new feature in the “Doomsday Heist” update. This cannon can be fired every 48 minutes for $500,000 in-game dollars with manual targeting or $750,000 for automatic targeting. You can also use it for live surveillance for free at any time. It can be added to a player’s facilities for the cost of $900,000 dollars.

Who Do Players Use It On?

We’ve seen some crazy additions to the GTA Online world, from exploding phone mods to new intense heists, but nothing has compared to this update. To make the weapon a bit less overpowered, the price to fire it is insane. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped a lot of trolls from using cash hacks to successfully thwart car shows and goods transactions alike on a routine basis, much to the dismay of a multitude of players. The most targeted groups include new players, merchants with hard-earned cargo, and large car shows.

Can the Orbital Cannon Be Avoided?

The only safe areas from the cannon are where no weapons are allowed, like your apartment or while in┬ápassive mode. Staying under bridges or in stores will not protect you in the slightest. What’s worse? You’ll never know the blast is coming until it’s too late. There’s no warning sound, no slow-moving missile, and no beam. Instead, you’ll die from an instant explosion wherever the operator targets. An interesting safeguard is that players cannot be killed by the orbital cannon while engaged in any time trial. However, while in normal mode, no vehicle can survive it.

Grand Theft Auto Orbital Cannon Aim Console ControlsIs the new doomsday weapon overpowered? Do you think GTA is worth playing with the number of money-hackers in the game now that this weapon exists? Leave us a comment!

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