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Guardians of the Galaxy BluRay/DVD Easter Eggs, DHTG Is on the Hunt!!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace December 9, 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy BluRay/DVD Easter Eggs

For those that are planning on buying Guardians of the Galaxy BluRay/DVD and don’t want to be spoiled of any surprises in the extra features DO NOT READ FURTHER!!

Now for those that don’t care about Easter Egg spoilers let us begin. The one thing that I caught right away from watching the special features was the one called Galactic Adventurer feat. James Gunn (director of GOTG). There is a running gag throughout this entire GOTG special feature and that is an 8-bit looking animated cartoon which features the GOTG and a cartoon James Gunn mostly there for comic relief. These funny, be somewhat entertaining, bits have caused some stir among comic geeks due to one very sneaky Easter Egg found in them, more on that later. First let’s go back to the beginning.


We start the James Gunn Galactic Adventurer feature that was loaded with an abundant of great behind the scenes fodder! The animated intro, which is made to look like a classic 8-bit Nintendo game, sets off the mood. Star Lord is doing his best “Pit Fall” impression and then runs into Gunn himself all in his 8-bit glory  they exchange words and then the feature begins. The feature will take you to multiple locations and sets, to the creation of the GOTG also the makeup effects. Then we get a real treat when they show off The Collector’s room full of prizes!

First off a lot of comic geeks are talking about the skeleton that Star Lord is dancing with at the start of the film GOTG. Now that we can get a better view of said skeleton a lot of speculation is running rampent that it might be the alien race that Betta Ray Bill, another Marvel comic book property, is from. I’ll explain more on Beta Ray Bill later for that’s the big Easter egg everyone’s talking about. So far all we have is just the skeletal look of what might be Beta Ray Bill’s ancestors but that is truly only speculation so far, no official word on this from Gunn just yet.



Betta Ray Bill

Betta Ray Bill

There is also another Easter Egg within the GOTG Blu-Ray/DVD and that’s in the intro to The Collector’s Room feature. As the picture shows below there is two special appearances from the Marvel comic books in the backdrop. Now James Gunn denies that the picture where I point out Beta Ray Bill is in the GOTG movie is actually Bill.

What is Betta Ray Bill and Starhawk doing in GOTG!

What are Beta Ray Bill and Starhawk doing in GOTG!

StarHawk an original GOTG

StarHawk an original GOTG

As for the StarHawk Easter Egg in the GOTG Blu-Ray/DVD feature I’ll go into more detail on why I think StarHawk is even involved with the first GOTG movie, even if he wasn’t even in it, in another blog I have in the works. Just the idea of this once original member of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book being put into the feature just cements my theory.

Howard The Duck and maybe Beta Ray Bill!

Howard The Duck and maybe Betta Ray Bill!

In what James Gunn calls his “most favorite Easter Egg” the Howard The Duck cameo scene IN the movie (not the end credits extra). This is the one that has everyone talking about but not due to Howard the Duck. What people are jumping for is at the right of The Collector in the glass case the figure with the cape sitting inside of one of the glass cells. We can only see the hunched figure as he sulks facing away from us but just the bald head and cape have fans screaming BETA RAY BILL!! The problem is now James Gunn himself is saying that’s not Beta Ray Bill. But if you ask me, it’s him and the Easter Eggs in the 8-bit cartoon for the Galactic Adventurer intro to the Collector’s feature is a foreshadowing.

Another very cool Easter Egg mentioned by James Gunn is the fact that the Guardians of the Galaxy are just a tiny cog in what is actually the epic grand scale that is the Marvel Galactic Universe. While the GOTG travel to The Collector’s hideout they find themselves moving towards the head of what was once a Celestial Being. In the Blu-Ray feature James Gunn gives us a bit of explanation to who they are.


The collectors room is so full of goodies it hard to catch every single one of them. James Gunn thankfully gives us a tour of the place and some of the great Easter Eggs found around. We have the Cocoon that will eventually be explained as the cage for Adam Warlock, a key Marvel figure yet to appear in movies. Gunn also shows us that his little creatures from his other film “Slither”.

Adam Warlock's Cocoon

Adam Warlock’s Cocoon

"Slither" aliens

“Slither” aliens



In the Comics they don't get along

In the Comics they don’t get along

We are finally left off with this warning from Thanos…..he WILL be back!!

Thanos will return

Thanos will return


GOTG - BluRay

GOTG – BluRay

Buy your copy today if you have not yet done so

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