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Guess who stole the Deadpool Costume

written by Robin Anderson November 7, 2016
Deadpool laying by the fire

We all remember when Ryan Reynolds stole the holy grail of costumes from the movie set to take home with him, but you will never believe which lucky bastard got to borrow it for Halloween.

taylor swift wearing the deadpool costume

That’s right! Everyone has yet another reason to be jealous of the ever-popular beauty, Taylor Swift. According to her, she has some fabulous contacts and was able to ask her BFF Ryan THE Deadpool Reynolds if she could borrow the costume, and he said yes! I wonder if she feels the same way about unicorns that the real Deadpool does, but it is probably for the best that there is no evidence of that.

(On a side note, can we all stop for a second and appreciate the stuffed cat that is stuck in the butt cheeks?)

Taylor Swift Selfie in Deadpool costume

Although Cinema Blend suggests that maybe she was just kidding about the costume actually being his, and that maybe she was just able to have a custom one made for her instead. They do point out a very good fact that the costume does look very well fitted on her in the first picture. Last time I checked, Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift definitely do not have the same body type, so maybe they are onto something there.

As a counter point, the mask does look a little loose in the above picture. Maybe Ryan or Taylor will come forward and mention something in the future.

Blake Lively comment on taylor swifts instagram

Ryan Reynolds wife, Blake Lively, is also pretty tight with the imposter Deadpool, Taylor Swift. After Swift posted the pictures on her Instagram, Blake jokingly commented on one of them “#HusbandUpgrade”.

As far as Halloween goes, I think we all know who won this years costume contest. Think you have a better one? Post it on our Facebook page here!

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