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Gyre: Maelstrom, a Steampunk RPG could be the game to beat.

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 6, 2016
Gyre Logo

Gyre concept art

It may be premature to get excited about Gyre: Maelstrom, but I love a good story, and this steampunk RPG sounds like fun!

It boasts about using an “AI-driven procedural narrative engine”. They claim this means that the options available to you vary based on the context of the game, giving you a dramatically different game each time you play. Not just one the level every other rpg does, in that you can choose which order you play each quest, but actual altering the way each quest originates and progresses depending on what you’ve already done. There might be some quests that become permanently unavailable because of your actions, and some that are only available if you achieve a specific combination of tasks.

Gyre’s setting is also unique. The timeline diverges from our own in our 1850s, and technology advances quickly. The dawning of artificial intelligence comes to a world that has developed cybernetics, but never discovered electronics. A new race of androids populate the city, and the humans are a memory. I’m eager to see how the story, and the game, develops as the team of 11 gain support.

There are three classes available in Gyre. The rogue-like Couriant, the warrior Imperiant, and the Polariant, the closest thing you get to a wizard. Couriants get to parkour all over the city, ruling the rooftops. The Imperiant is a tank, smashing walls and building momentum as it charges. The Polariant gets to talk to the city itself, and convince the AI within to change a structure’s shape.

It’s an interesting take on the action-rpg genre. I’ll post updates as I learn more.

Imperiant class

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