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Hacker War Could Determine Whether or Not Consoles Will Play on Christmas Day

written by kimmyink90 December 24, 2014


As we reported earlier, a hacker group by the name of Lizard Squad had made claims to take down both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Christmas day.  Now a new group has emerged to try to put an end to the gamer’s nightmare.

The group, going by the name of The Finest Squad, has been fighting with Lizard Squad for almost a month now.  The Finest Squad has made claims that they plan to stop the hackers and serve them some justice.

Lizard Squad tweeted out their plans in early December and described themselves as the “next generation Grinch”.  Both groups have claimed that they successfully doxxed one another along with hacking Twitter accounts and websites.

It all began in August when Lizard Squad had claimed responsibility for taking down Blizzard and PlayStation Network.  They also tweeted out a bomb threat which caused Sony Online Entertainment head, John Smedley’s, flight to be diverted.

The group continued to cause trouble in September allegedly attacking servers for games such as Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareDestiny, and Grand Theft Auto Online.

After the initial Xbox Live attack on December 1st, The Finest Squad stood up and promised to take down Lizard Squad and said they would go as far as outing its members and turning them over to officials.

The Finest Squad supposedly kept their word and served a press release about a 17-year-old in Canada who was arrested because he was connected to a school swatting call in September.  The press release came from Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.  Claims have been made that the teen is a part of the Lizard Squad.

“On Sunday, December 7, 2014, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or “Mounties,” arrested a 17-year-old male suspect in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, after a PCSO investigation into three incidents of “Swatting” that occurred in Polk County positively identified the young man. Due to Canadian privacy laws, the suspect’s identity is protected.”

The Finest Squad continued to follow through by releasing names and photos of the people who were members of Lizard Squad, but Lizard Squad continued to fight back.

When it came to December 11th, The Finest Squad tweeted out that they had managed to remove the Lizard Squad from Twitter.

The two hacker groups eventually agreed to participate in an online interview for a YouTube channel by the name of DramaAlert.  (Be advised that the following video contains strong language.  Watch at your own discretion.)

In the video, it was never made clear as to what was going to go down on Christmas although we see that The Finest Squad did release a video with a statement as to what they plan to do when the time comes.


Lizard Squad continues to deny that any of their members have gone to jail and said their reasoning for attacking the gaming networks is because “chaos is entertainment”.

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