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Halo 5 Seventh Free Expansion Coming Soon – Largest Expansion to Date

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert June 4, 2016

The developers at 343 Industries have worked hard to keep content fresh and interesting for the Halo 5 player base. At the end of the month, fans can expect to see expansion number seven coming to the first-person shooter. The Warzone Firefight expansion will be biggest release to date. The development team at 343 provided a status update on the project via their weekly blog post, which released some details on what gamers could expect and a progress report.

“As we mentioned last week, the Warzone Firefight release is scheduled to drop at the end of this month, and a wide variety of teams are hard at work to get their final work and polish completed. These include the Warzone team, who are finishing up the PvE mode, the Warzone Boss Refresh we first mentioned in the last issue, and more. “

In the blog post, they released photo’s of some new foes that will be featured in Warzone Firefight:

Warzone Firefight

Warzone Firefight

The developers also added more information on more things to come for multiplayer, stating that players can expect new places for gamers to play on. Also mention in the blog post, players can expect new tools of destruction and some surprises that have not been released yet.

Warzone Firefight will be the seventh free expansion to come to Halo 5 to date. Players should check out the previous releases to come to the series:

  • The Battle of Shadow and Light
  • Cartographer’s Gift
  • Infinity’s Armor
  • Hammer Storm
  • Ghosts of Meridian
  • Memories of Reach
  • Hog Wild

Let us know what you think of what you have seen so far on the Warzone Firefight expansion in the comment section. Also, feel free to check out the links below to read more Halo related articles:


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