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Halo Wars 2 Open Beta To Start Next Week

written by Jason Marcano June 11, 2016

Halo Wars, a Real Time Strategy game (RTS) released for Xbox 360 in 2009, is getting a sequel sometime this fall, but gamers will have a chance to play a bit of Halo Wars 2 ahead of its release. Thanks to Italian site Mondo Xbox and their speedy screen capture abilities (it has since been taken down) we have learned of an open beta starting on Monday, June 13th, the same day the Microsoft’s E3 briefing will take place.

It's a Halo Wars 2 screen

The beta is scheduled to end on June 20th, giving gamers one week to try out the new game. There has yet to be confirmation of the beta appearing on PC, but the PC hasn’t been as leaky as the Xbox store front lately. We can expect further information during their E3 briefing.

We first heard about Halo Wars 2 back at Gamescon 2015, and not much other info on the game or its contents has been released since.

The previous Halo Wars  was created by Ensemble Studios, but due to their shut down in 2009, Halo Wars 2 is being handle by Total War developers Creative Assembly. While there isn’t much news on what the beta will give gamers access to there is still plenty of reason to get excited as we’ll be getting the chance to experience the game before it’s officially released.


Turning the twitchy FPS gun-play of Halo and re-purposing it into an RTS seemed doomed to fail. However, it garnered plenty of critical praiseand went on to be loved by FPS and RTS fans alike. In the hands of the talented developers at Creative Assemble, a team known for making engaging RTS games, there is little doubt Halo Wars 2 will be awesome.

So geeks, are you going to jump on this chance to play Halo Wars 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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