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Han Really Shot First

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. May 4, 2016
Greedo and Han


Ah, the age old debate. Who shot first? Greedo or Han? Well, my fellow nerds, we finally have your answer. Actor Paul Blake who played the infamous Greedo recently had an interview with the NY Daily News in which he confirmed that it was Han who shot first.

“It said it all in the original script, we played the scene in English and at the end of the scene, it reads, ‘Han shoots the alien.’ It’s all it says and that’s what happened. It would be lovely to see them go back to the original version, I much preferred it, I must say. And it does give Greedo a little more glory if he’s just blown away”


Although with later releases it was remastered to show Greedo shooting first, the script had proved otherwise. Blake also poked fun at the scene saying “He’s a worse shot than a stormtrooper!”. Wow, not going to lie, that seems a bit harsh. We all know that Stormtroopers are fancy covered meat shields with the inability to shoot a target two-feet in front of them, but Han? Nah, I refuse to believe he’s on that level!

I do believe that Han shot first, that’s totally Solo‘s style. He’s a go-getter! Let us know what you think below! May the Force be with you, my fellow geeks!

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