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Learn How To Score a Film From Legendary Composer Hans Zimmer

written by Jason Marcano November 18, 2016
Hans Zimmer Theater

Aspiring composers and hobbyist alike, do we have some good news for you. Hans Zimmer, the self-taught genius behind the music of over 150 films, wants to share his wisdom with you. As the winner of numerous awards—Golden Globes, Academy Awards, a Tony, an American Music Award, and a couple Grammy Awards—who better to teach the craft?

The online class is now open for enrollment. It begins in early 2017, and at $90, the deal couldn’t be sweeter. For your $90, Hans Zimmer will teach you how to tell a story with music. Having composed movies like Gladiator, Interstellar, and Sherlock Holmes, this is one instructor you’ll want to pay attention to.

You’ll be happy to know that the class is 100% self-paced. The $90 you spend will allow you infinite access to the videos and class materials. The class itself will consist of over 30 videos containing more than 4.5 hours of instruction from the master himself. Students who partake will also have the chance to have their work critiqued by Hans Zimmer.

If you are pursuing a career in the film industry, or would just like some insight on the process from the master, this class is something you’ll definitely want to look into. Hans Zimmer’s wealth of knowledge and experience can be applied to any pursuit. Everyone who takes this class will walk away with new, useful knowledge.

Hans Zimmer TeachingMusic is integral to cinema. Since the dawn of the silent film, music has been used to advance or tell a story. The soundtrack to a film, its score, is the pulse of the movie. Often times music becomes as important as the actors on screen when conveying a message. It’s the melancholy violin that finally moves a viewer to tears. Makes them feel.

Do we have any music geeks out there? Is this class something that interest you? It would be awesome just learning how a mind like Hans’ works, even if you aren’t looking to start a career in the movies. Let us know what your favorite Hans Zimmer score is in the comments.

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