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Happy Alien Day meets Happy Pretzel Day

written by Branden H April 26, 2016
a pretzel baked like a xenomorph egg

Zoidberg saying why not both

Today marks two special occasions. First, 20th Century Fox has declared today to be Alien Day for fans of alien ass-kicker Ripley. There is a whole lot going on around that day including special screenings of the first two films, Alien themed merchandise, cool concept art, quizzes and much more.

It also happens to be National Pretzel Day which a foodie like me can certainly enjoy. I love pretzels in all of their many forms from the classic to the sweet and I may have been spotted hoarding Aunt Anne’s more than once. If you really love me, you would send those little pretzel wrapped hot dog bites.

That being said it got my food gears turning and I wondered if some mad scientists out there on the internet have combined these two together and they did not disappoint. Look at this thing!

a pretzel baked like a xenomorph egg

Over at Kitchen Overlord Chris-Rachael Oseland┬áhas created this awesome looking creation that combines two amazing things. Frankly without knowing how it’s done it looks like wizardry. Fortunately he laid the recipe out for everyone to try. So go out and make some Xenomorph Pretzel Bread Eggs, just don’t blame me if you get some love from a face-hugger in the process.

Check out his recipe here. Then go ahead and check out the rest of his site, he has tons of recipes across various nerdy topics, from Zelda to Doctor Who. and even an illustrated Geek cook book.

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