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Health and Fitness Re-imagined With Latest Tech

written by Rissa McNeil January 11, 2018
Black Box Virtual Reality fitness resistance workout immersion system

A start-up called Black Box VR has plans to turn a virtual reality platform into a full body resistance workout, redefining health and fitness as we know it. Using the HTC Vive headset and a cable pulley system controlled by the VR engine, the player is immersed in a 30-minute workout, where their progress is logged and tracked.

While traditional gyms face the problems of habitual off and on members, Black Box hopes to reduce the number of people who quit a fitness regimen. Most of these people will stop out of boredom, tediousness, or by seeing a lack of results. The VR workout is designed to make you give the true effort of the workout, without feeling as though you have. Being immersed in the game will allow the user to perceive time a little differently, making the workout seem like it took less time than a traditional set.

How Will Black Box VR Improve My Health?

Black Box claims that three workouts at 40 minutes each per week are enough training to show improvement in strength, endurance, and health. As the player goes on, the workout will adjust itself to move you forward in your progress. If you are desperate to progress further then you must take your diet and supplements seriously. Using something like Trentostan-m would be extremely useful!

Within the virtual arena, players will go against an avatar at first, moving on to other players as they progress. Aside from a few possible health and safety questions that have yet to be addressed, the program looks promising. There have already been many uses in the healthcare field for VR; pain management, cognitive rehabilitation, medical training, just to name a few. And while VR in a gym setting isn’t a new concept, it is a growing market with lots of potentials.

virtual reality girl resistance fitnessWhen/Where Can We Play?

The firm’s creators, Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis, are already well renowned for their success with bodybuilding.com. While there was no definite start date given, they hope to have their system in gyms across the US starting with Manhattan and Beverly Hills and then moving on. While there are no definite plans in place, there is a possibility of an at-home unit in the future.

VR tech has come a long way in the last few years, many of us wondering what the prospects would be like in the future. So, with that in mind, will the Black Box VR system bring forth a new and fun way for us to get fit? Will it even take off? Or could it plateau and fizzle out, like some non-VR games, like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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