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Hello Sweetie, spoilers!

written by phenixfyre September 4, 2015

NO. NOPE. NO, IT IS NOT, because this time around RIVER MOTHERFUCKING SONG is gracing the show with her return.


Hello Sweeties!

Long time favorite, River Song to return to Doctor Who for the Christmas special!  First introduced in “Silence in the Library” as an archaeologist who helps the Doctor restore a library to its former glory after the Vashta Nerada had taken up residence there.  She went on to become the Doctor’s love interest and in the attempt to avoid, “SPOILERS”, I’ll go no further.

Many fans have long-awaited the return of River Song as she has mentioned several adventures she and the Doctor have had that have yet to be shown to fans.  It’s speculated that the Christmas episode might possibly be where the Doctor gives River his sonic screwdriver.  River mentions in one of her episodes that the Doctor was much older at one point when she met him.

Regardless, the return of River Song has been long-awaited.  Is it Christmas yet!?  Prepare yourselves sweeties!!

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