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Here’s Why Final Fantasy VII’s Remake Won’t Suck

written by GodzillaHam December 3, 2015


Final Fantasy VII is one of those games that is a gem in the hearts of many gamers. It was many people’s first Final Fantasy. It showed us cut scenes, battle, and a convoluted plot unlike what we had seen before. For a long time now, fans have wanted a remake, and Square Enix has dangled the prospect in front of us like a naughty¬†girlfriend. When Square Enix announced that they are remaking the beloved classic, the fans rejoiced. However, with the announcement of a few changes, including Nobuo Uematsu not being involved and a different battle system, many have become skeptical of the new release. Here are reasons why I believe Final Fantasy VII’s remake will still be awesome.


First, the game is seen as a reinterpretation of the original game. Whereas some would call foul at change, I really don’t see the problem. Yes, it won’t be the same, but should it really be the same? Final Fantasy VII made a lot of the standards of JRPGs, and other games have come along and improved on the formula. Whether in terms of graphics, combat, the addition of voice acting (Thank you, Tidus. For everything but the laugh.) or gameplay in general, a lot of games took what FInal Fantasy VII did well and added on. Though many old school games still are awesome to play, it would suck if they never strived to be better. The constant evolution of new games is one of the defining characteristics of video games, and I believe Final Fantasy VII deserves to reap the benefits from the modern interpretations of the genre it reinvented.

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Second, the changes mentioned aren’t really that huge. It might sound blasphemous, but the game music not being composed by Nobuo Uematsu does not mean anything bad about the game. As a musician, I can say that all they will have to do is rearrange the old music. With the massive amount of money Square Enix has now, they could easily make our favourite pieces, like One Winged Angel, even more epic. But what if they screw up the sound track? There is a simple solution. Download the original music and listen to it as you play through the new game.


Third, the game will be made into amazing HD. Usually I’m not one for caring about graphics, but in some cases they are so beautiful they leave me in a sense of awe. This is one of those cases. Just like the original’s graphics blew us away and took us to a new world, this one will too. Coupled with a 3D battle system this will be awesome.

Does Anyone Ever Not Spoil This for Everyone? We FF Fans Are Jerks.

I loved Final Fantasy VII. It was a beautiful, deep, soulful adventure that changed video games and gamers forever. A lot of people are annoyed with the changes because it won’t be the same for them, but it can’t be. Final Fantasy VII was a once in a lifetime event, and we can never recapture the feeling of playing it when it first came out again. Heraclitus said, “No man can go twice into a river, for he is not the same man and it is not the same river.” We can’t experience that first time exactly the same, but we can experience something else. We can go along with Cloud and his friends a second time, we can learn all about their inner struggles and empathize with them again, we can fight against all odds to save the planet, and this time it will be new. I could be wrong. I hope I am not, because I want to have a good time. But even if I am, nothing is stopping us from replaying Final Fantasy VII for the billionth time.

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