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Heroes Reborn and Prequel Look Promising

written by Jason Marcano July 17, 2015


The full trailer to Heroes Reborn was released during the SDCC. It gives us an early look at the overall premise of the show and some of the characters and abilities. I was surprised and happy to see Micah making a comeback as I felt he was one of the most under utilized characters in the show. We also get to see Noah receiving his signature accessory, the HRGs.

Among the mix of returning heroes/villains are some new people rocking some pretty awesome abilities. The kid who can seemingly warp people or objects away was one stand out. His ability had some pretty nifty effects with the way it made the world around his target morph and distort into a pinhole.

Check it out for yourself.

Looks like they might actually be onto something here. I mean the OG series had its ups, some of the stuff with the carnival comes to mind. But it also has its downs, the most egregious  of all to me was this:

Did you see that awesome and climatic fight?!

Yeah, I didn’t either. Claire gets to though, and we get to watch her eye through a keyhole while she watches that room get ripped apart. And that’s just one example of how the writer’s strike affected this series’ initial run. It was such a promising show, one that was almost ahead of its time. It was 2006, Super Hero movies were just barely gaining the momentum they have now, and there certainly weren’t any shows like Arrow or the Flash on TV. So Heroes had a chance to tap into a market and gain a foot hold before it became over-saturated.

Heroes Reborn actually has a great chance of succeeding.

Firstly, it is not based off of an already established franchise with decades of mythos and cannon. This will afford them a wider range of freedom in their story telling and hopefully also lead them down some untraveled paths.

Another thing that plays in their favor is their range of powers. One thing I liked about Heroes was that they never stuck to convention when it came to giving their characters powers. Sure you had the guy who could fly, and the one who could heal. Like Emma who could fight with her cello, or Eric and that creepy puppet power.

Well, Heroes reborn looks to be following a similar path with more unique powers and stories. There is an app that is currently only available in ios, haven’t seen anything on Android yet. This app has trailers and snippets of the old series, but it also has something else.

This is called Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters. It is a prequel of sorts that will tie into the main show when it premieres on September 24, at 8/7c. If this is the tone that Heroes Reborn will be taking then color me hyped. Until I saw this, this show was only something I had  to scroll past in my news feed. I skimmed the articles not really being moved by any of it. Now, my interest has been piqued, and I can’t wait to see how her story and abilities play out.

What about you geeks? Any interest in the reboot? Sound off in the comments below!

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