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Hey Bixby, Start My… Samsung Washing Machine?

written by Jude Kasekamp March 21, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8, first device with Bixby

We all thought Samsung was becoming more accepting of stock Google products. For example, TouchWiz has blended into Material Design. So naturally, they went and pulled another Samsung. Yesterday, the company announced their new personal assistant, Bixby. No, Bixby is not S Voice 2.0, nor is it Alfred Pennyworth’s cousin. This will be artificial intelligence for your entire life. Or so they say.

Samsung Galaxy S8, first device with Bixby

One prevalent rumour about the upcoming Galaxy S8 has been the device’s new replacement for S Voice, the failed personal assistant that went after Siri. I groaned at the expectation of yet another robot voice to talk to in addition to Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and – of course – my trusty Google Assistant. However, Samsung wants to take their new AI tech in a different direction. Instead of handling basic tasks and talking about the weather, Bixby will function as a much deeper and more capable interface. It will seek to replace touch inputs entirely.

From Samsung’s press release:

Bixby is at the heart of our software and services evolution as a company.  We are fundamentally and conceptually changing our attitude toward software and services and working hard on innovation throughout all aspects of our mobile ecosystem. Our investment in engineering resources speaks for itself – we have thousands of software developers supporting this effort. This is something that I’m very excited about. Innovating in software and services enables opportunities for creativity and the ability to build new experiences from the ground up.  With the continued investment from Samsung on artificial intelligence, the possibility of what Bixby can become is endless.

Initially launching on the Galaxy S8, Bixby will make its way to other Samsung connected devices. The idea is to have an interactive cloud-based system that makes everything easier – from cooking, to watching TV, to texting your mom. 10 Samsung applications will be “Bixby-enabled” from the start, rolling out to other apps and devices, along with an SDK that would allow 3rd party developers to integrate it into your favourite email app.

So, will Bixby become as accepted as Siri and Alexa? Should Samsung stop trying to compete with big daddy Google? Let us know what you think here and on our socials!

“Hey Bixby, post this article please.”

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