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Is Hollywood Milking the Cow Dry? – Opinion Piece

written by Khaled Arisheh January 27, 2018

Hollywood seems to be ablaze with new projects and ever-expanding universes.

Amazon bought the rights to release a Lord of the Rings inspired TV series. Details are currently unknown as to the story, but a prequel to Fellowship of the Ring has been hinted (wouldn’t that be The Hobbit?).

Hollywood Franchises

Similarly, Disney announced that Rian Johnson has been given the green light to create a Star Wars trilogy from scratch. Add that to the nine movies released so far (The Last Jedi included) and the two canon series The Clone Wars and Rebels, the troubled Han Solo movie, and the final sequel to the original series, that puts us at hundreds of hours of viewing time.

Marvel Studios, currently also owned by Disney, has produced and planned 21 movies to complete a four-phase universe that ends with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3… so far. Not to mention the interweaving barrage of ongoing TV series on various platforms that makes the Marvel Universe even bigger. Additionally, they have purchased Fox Studios giving them the potential to expand the MCU to include fan favorites like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Game of Thrones producers and George R. R. Martin have also gone on record saying that a variety of spinoffs could arise from the GoT world.

While these franchises, much like the Harry Potter series, have yet to produce a flop, other franchises have had their fair share of disappointments i.e. Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Star Trek: The Final Frontier, and Alien vs Predator to name a few.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but when is too much of a good thing, too much? I’m as much of a fan as the next guy. I’ve been hooked ever since my dad bought the Star Wars series on VHS back in the 80s. So far, each respective company has managed to keep quality up to a more than respectable level, but how far can they pull on the string before the whole thing unravels? I understand that a money making cow needs to be milked, but how long will it be before Sauron is just a caricature of a bad guy? How long till Stan Lee’s cameos are just not funny anymore? How many movies does it take to finally restore balance to the Force?

Stan Lee Thor cameo

Mind you, we the fans are no less to blame, myself included. We have gobbled up every last piece of fiction we have been fed and crave for more. Revenue on these franchises is proof enough, that geeks are a faithful and generous target group. Hopefully, we are able to realize when a brand has been spread thin and turn our backs on it. Best case scenario, quality standards are kept high enough that we have nothing to complain about, but I doubt that there will ever be a new Vader or an Indie.

I would have loved to have access to so much material as a young teenager on one hand, but I think the overload wouldn’t have allowed me to build a relationship with the material like I did with  Star Wars or Indiana Jones.

As the tyrant, Kleovoulos of Rhodes said, “All things in moderation”. I think Hollywood should adhere to these wise words before the cow runs dry.

Does an old Rey sound appealing? Do we need Harrison Ford to revive all his franchises? Share your opinion in the comments.

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