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Holy Crossover Batman! DC’s Magnificent Invasion

written by Robin Anderson November 10, 2016
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Listen up you nerds, because I have something that will pull you out of all of the election drama and will brighten all of your days to come. I am sure that you have heard whispers of this glorious event over the past few weeks, but I am here to officially announce… A THREE EPISODE CROSSOVER BETWEEN OUR FAVORITE DC SHOWS ENTITLED “INVASION!”.

So sit down and take notes, because you will want to spam your news feed with this exciting news!

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How Will the Crossover Work?

I certainly hope that you are all caught up on all of these shows, because the crossover will be spanned across three of the four main shows. The crossover will start on one show, and then the next episode will be featured on a different show, but all three will be titled “Invasion!”. For active Arrow and Flash fans, this concept shouldn’t be difficult to grasp.

The order of the episodes is determined by the order that the shows air in the week. So, Supergirl will be first on Monday (11/28/16), followed by The Flash on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, and finally Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday.

The Lead-in

While the official “Invasion” plot does not technically start with Supergirl, her Monday episode will lead into it. This entire crossover takes place on Earth-1, so she needs to get over there somehow.

This episode has yet to be titled, but it is season 2, episode 8. Wiki has provided this description, “The episode ends with Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon recruiting Supergirl to help fight the Dominators, setting up the crossover event “Invasion!”.”

Invasion! Episodes

Again, there are three episodes, with the first one starting in The Flash, season 3 episode 8. Of course this episode will end in a huge cliff hanger and we will all be antsy until Arrow, season 5 episode 8, is released. This is also the 100th episode for Arrow, so big congratulations to them! On a side note though, Comic Book.com mentioned that, “It seems as though that episode [Arrow’s 100th] will be a bit of an act break, in which¬†Arrow gets to take stock of its own history in the context of the larger story”. So who knows how much of the plot we will get in the middle episode, but it will finally conclude on Legends of Tomorrow, season 2 episode 7.

What Are the Episodes About?

The original comic that the crossover episode, Invasion, is based off of.It is all based off of the three-issue 1988 comic book series, “Invasion!”, where the Dominators and Khunds form an Alien Alliance. They came to Earth to take all of the power away from the metahumans and to destroy Earth in the process. If you want some more information and potential spoilers, you may check out a summary of the series here!

You can still except some differences between the comics and the T.V. show. For example, one of the known changes is that instead of an Alien Alliance, the Dominators will be using mind control to use the other aliens. Entertainment Weekly recently hinted at the possibility of this mind control being used on our favorite superheros at their recent Popfest event, so place your bets now!


Behind the Scenes Interviews and Comments!

Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Flash sitting at a panel

Empire Online was courteous enough to compile some important quotes that were made at the Entertainment Weekly Popfest! You may find them on their site if you prefer the original source or want to see more quotes, or you may view some right below here!

Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow)

It was really cool. We had our individual scenes, but then we had scenes where we’re twenty superheroes there in this big airplane hangar. It looked like and felt like, and I think that the fans will feel [this way], this is a big three or four-hour movie that we’re putting on. It’s really cool.

Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers/Supergirl)

I think Kara just wants to be accepted and be part of the cool kids. I felt the same way. It was so fun to just be in this big group setting, where it’s just this infectious environment where it all felt really good. She had good interactions with almost everyone there.

Grant Gustin (Barry Allen/The Flash)

Last year we had the Flash and Arrow crossover, but this is a lot bigger. We have seventeen characters in multiple scenes and almost everyone interacts with every other character at a certain point. It’s huge.

For more information concerning what was discussed during the Popfest panel, be sure to check out Entertainment Weekly!

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