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Some of the Hottest Smart Home Gadgets and Devices of 2017

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 2, 2017

2017 is the year for creating a home which is smarter and more automated than ever before – home automation in particular has been seeing a huge boost in recent years, with new apps and systems being added to the ones which exist in the form of thermostats, security cameras, and smart locks.

Not only is the home automation front expanding, but many different companies are currently working on a way to combine all of the separate apps which are used to control that automation into one single package. This package would make it even easier to access the home automation systems which people have in place by bringing all the apps through one access point. In addition to this, there are now automation packages popping up: instead of having to choose all Progressive Automations systems independently of each other, a package allows people to choose a number of home automations at the same time, thus saving time on installation, etc.
Linear actuators are continuing to find a use in home automation, as they are quiet and easy to maintain, both of which help to keep the home as a nice, peaceful environment. Having a peaceful environment and a beautiful home is always great, you may want to consider essentials such as furniture, security, mortgages and other essentials in order to make your dream home achievable. You can have a look online and compare mortgages to see which is the best for you to get the best deal to pimp out your dream home. A home automation system will be great to go into your new home also. The use of actuators also allows for a far greater degree of control over automated products than before, which lends a personalising aspect to the endeavour.

Recently, a lot of new home automation systems were announced through research and development, some of which use linear actuators such as bins and table lifts, and other which rely on motion systems, such as lightbulbs, cameras, and sound systems. While all the automation projects are unique in many respects, they are all currently able to connect with a single app – Amazon Alexa – which allows them to be controlled via voice commands.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump
An automatic breast pump is a new innovation – one which removes all the wires and bottles from the equation, replacing it with a cup and a smartphone app to control the process, and monitor milk levels.

Sleep Number 360
Smart devices are normally confined to processes which can be operated from a mobile device – the Sleep Number 360 is unique in that it works after people go to bed, by acting to keep the people using it as comfortable as possible. It raises or lowers the bed, makes the mattress firmer, and can heat up the end of the bed if needed.
Philips Hue White Ambiance
The new automated lights are now focused on white light, rather than the colours from before. This product mimics natural light, making it easier to fall asleep or get up in the morning.

Canary Flex
Home security is revolutionised by the Canary Flex, given that is inherently flexible in ways which other security systems are not. A wide range of accessories and an inbuilt connection to the internet mean that the Canary Flex can be used in many different situations.

June Oven
The June oven cooks dinner for you, to the point of allowing you to watch as it does it. A number of settings lets you do almost anything for dinner.

SolPad Stand Alone Solar Pad
Automated solar panels are now available for everyone, after the debut of a panel which can stand on a balcony. The panel comes with smart plugs which distribute the solar energy that has been collected, allowing users to choose how the energy will be used.

U by Moen
This home automation system uses water more efficiently in your home, redistributing it where it is needed by using timers and temperature control

Zera Food Recycler
Home automation has reached recycling, in the form of the Zera Food Recycler. This system works like a garbage disposal in a sink, and the remaining bits can be handily used as compost.
Roku TVs
The Roku TV was created in response to people cutting cords to avoid shows they didn’t want to watch or pay for. The TV allows for people to choose what they want to watch from a main menu on the screen.

Kuri Home Robot
A home robot seems like a logical next step in home automation – we already have voice control, after all. This robot is all automated systems in one – it can play music when you are in the house, and act as a surveillance system when you are not.

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