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Hound, the Future of Voice Assistant apps

written by Jesse L July 10, 2015

Hound is the new kid on the block of voice assistant apps. Like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana, it can search for what you ask but it is more than that. What Hound has that the rest do not is it lets you speak naturally and not just key words for searches. It also answers with insane speed and is very accurate. You can get it for Android and now soon IOS.

I have tested it with different words people use for things and it understood them with ease. I would ask Hound, where is a great place for a slice of pie that has the best rating, the lowest price and is within 10 miles from my location, and then within 5 secs it would pop up with 20 different places. Yes I call pizza pie it’s just how I grew up and I also call soda pop and yes Hound does understand it. Hound has the ability to understand how people like to talk which makes it better than the rest of the voice assistant apps. Hound can answer some complex questions or just play a simple game with you.

While Hound is still in beta the App functions very well. The user interface is very easy to use and navigate. While starting the App for the first time it will take a min to boot up but after that it’s ready to go in less than 3 seconds. To start a search either press the Mic button on the bottom of the UI or say “ok Hound” and it will respond with “Yes”. The app works great but it is still in beta with regular updates to fix minor bugs that show up.

Hound was designed and made by Soundhound. Hound has been in development for nine years and it really shows. The app can search for anything even when asked questions the others can not understand. As of now Hound is still in beta and if you want to give it a try you can sign up on there site here. It will take about a week to get an activation code. Its well worth the wait believe me. Download it today and give it a shot. You will not be dissatisfied with it.

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