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‘The House of Camelot’ by Sheena Zernicek – Book Review!

written by Steffie February 15, 2018
House of Camelot written by Sheena Zernicek

The House of Camelot tells the story of Guinevere Reed – Dragon Slayer, as she battles with the curse bestowed upon her family by dragon goddess Elaine.

Ten years ago, the queen of dragons woke from a deep slumber to unleash her rage on the world. She and her horde decimated cities killing millions within a few hours leaving the survivors in chaos. It seemed as if humanity would be wiped from the face of the Earth but from the rubble and ashes rose the Council of Excalibur. Stepping into the light after centuries of defending from the shadows, the Council of Excalibur gave mankind hope in the form of dragon slayers.

House of Camelot

The House of Camelot is a training institution where young dragon slayers are taught about the history of the council, the founding houses, and how to fight dragons of all kinds. There are several schools across the world and can all be reached through the Gatekeeper.

Council of Excalibur

The Knights of the Round Table aren’t a myth and each member of the council is a descendant of a knight. The council is in charge of public safety and the running of the houses. They also issue execution orders on dragons that sneak into cities and cause chaos and destruction.

Main Characters

Guinevere Reed

Abandoned in a hospital during the first raid at the age of 6, Gwen was adopted by Evelyn. She holds the cursed mark of Bellamour, a knight who sacrificed himself to save his fellow knights. It is said to consume the humanity of the bearer until they transform into a dragon. At just 16 years old, she is the youngest dragon slayer ever and is called upon when times are tough. She is stubborn and short-tempered, which makes her difficult to work with. Now that her mark is spreading, can she save her humanity?

Graham Albion

The poster boy of the council, Graham is the last heir to the Pendragon line. Unfortunately, because he was born out of wedlock, he cannot take the name. A deal is struck that will allow him to be recognized as a Pendragon and take his rightful place on the Council. He needs to partner up with Gwen, so what could go wrong?

Bryan “Bubba” Reinhart

Reinhart is a veteran soldier and the director of the Texas institute. His main job is dispatching dragon slayers and making sure they are well equipped for the job. Whether it is over-seeing training or just someone to talk to, Reinhart plays a pivotal role in the book. He knows Gwen’s secret, he knows she may lose her humanity sooner rather than later, and he is trying his best to keep it from the Council who will surely send someone to kill her.

My Thoughts

I didn’t read a lot about this book (I like to be surprised) so when it arrived the cover intrigued me and made me instantly think about King Arthur’s court. The characters are all amazing, each has their own personality, and I was imagining what they look like. The love/hate relationship between Gwen and Graham had me laughing and sometimes feeling sorry for Graham. Everything Gwen feels goes into overdrive because she is just a teenager. We’ve all been there, right?

Along with dragons, there is also a magical element that was unexpected. There are magic keys that will bring your armoury to you (can I get one for my bookcase), and I can’t forget about the healing rune stones.

My favourite person in the whole book was Reinhart; he is so cranky I would love to read more about him. Maybe Sheena could write a book about him? What is missing is more information from when the dragon war started (known as the First Raid). I understand that the book would be huge if this was included, and it would make a fantastic prequel (especially if Reinhart is in it).

Thumbs up to the author for creating a new place for me to escape to. I’m tempted to read it again and I love this book more than words can say!

The House of Camelot is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.

Are you a fan of fantasy books? Would this book be something you would read? Let me know in the comments!

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