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HTC Looking to Make Some Waves with the U12

written by Dominic Gomez March 20, 2018
Front and back of upcoming HTC U12

The HTC U12 hasn’t been officially announced yet. What we do have is a very reliable ‘leaker’, Evan Blass (@evleaks) saying this is the U12. From what I can tell he’s usually spot on when he leaks something. This time he brings us what is poised to be the HTC U12. Any specs in this article should be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t know the specs on this new smartphone. This will be an educated guess just based on what is currently out and what I would expect from HTC.

Lately, HTC has gotten some criticism that may be a bit undeserved. They got reamed a bit with the M9 largely because it was almost identical to the previous M8. Then they changed things up a bit with the 10. Enter the ‘U’ series of phones. This was a drastic change of design language from HTC. The phones themselves are gorgeous, but they aren’t special. HTC is still trying to capture some of that magic it had with the M7. Lately, the complaint has been they have been overpriced. Honestly, I can see that. Not because their products are cheaply made, but because they are trying to win over consumers. What better way to do that than to beat Samsung by $300-$400?

The rear of the see thru HTC U11+

HTC’s current flagship, the U11+


These specs aren’t confirmed but I would say they are a pretty good guess. I have read they may be doing away with the ‘+’ version and just coming out with one model. I will give specs on what would be the bigger model.

  • Snapdragon 845
  • 6.0” LCD 1440×2880, possibly 4k?
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB Storage, they might start at 64 but why not go big?
  • 3900mAh Battery. The U11+ had a 3930mAh so this could be close
  • No headphone jack. You probably know how I feel about this by now…
  • IP68 – Dustproof and water resistant to over 3ft.
  • Dual Rear Camera – I would say this would be similar to the LG phones. One camera is a standard zoom and the other would be for a wide angle lens. Probably somewhere in the 12MP range.
  • Dual Front Facing Camera – Could be for wide angle. Or it could be for the ‘Portrait’ mode that is all the craze right now. I would imagine they would be in the 8MP range.
  • Most likely stereo speakers most likely bottom firing and the headset speaker would probably double here. Man, I miss front-facing HTC speakers.

I’m on their side, but HTC is going to have to do something extra with this phone for it to be a hit. If they could manage to get this to the market around the $500 price point they might actually make some waves. What do you think? Would $500 be enough to make you buy it? Or would it have to be something bigger? Sound off in the comments!

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