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Hugh Jackman Asks for Old Man Logan Feedback – #onelasttime

written by J Martell July 28, 2015

CK9XsRkWIAAnPAF.jpg largeHugh Jackman has released concept art for what is expected to be his final Wolverine role as Old Man Logan, images first seen at Comic Con earlier in July. Along with that image, Jackman is asking fans for their input on what they want to see, across his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.


It’s unlikely a lot of suggestions will be used, but it’s still a fun idea that I’m sure will make a lot of fans feel like they’re part of the movie. For many, myself included, Jackman is the Wolverine. He might be too tall (a common complaint about his casting), but after playing the role for the last 15 years in various X-Men and Wolverine solo movies, he plays the Canuckle-Head perfectly.

Wolverine alongside Alpha Flight, Marvel's Canadian answer to the Avengers

Wolverine alongside Alpha Flight, Marvel’s Canadian answer to the Avengers

Is it too much to hope he puts off retirement a little longer and we get an Alpha-Flight Movie? Yes. I’m sure it is, but it’s a hope that I, as a Canadian, will continue to hold onto for as long as possible.

The yet untitled Wolverine movie will premiere March 3rd, 2017, and will follow the Old Man Logan comics where we see what Wolverine is up to 50 years in the future. Fingers crossed for cannibalistic/redneck Hulks to make an appearance!


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