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Hulu Catching Up to Netflix

written by Jordan Cobb April 25, 2016


The most heated debate argued amongst the people today that tackles the most important issue: Netflix or Hulu?

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What is important is quantity of content when it comes to subscribing to a video streaming service. Of course quality is a factor as well, but its all about what they got to offer you for your buck and it seems by the end of this year, Hulu might be leaving Netflix in the dust when it comes to streaming movies.

Hulu is the prime destination for catching last night’s episode the day after it airs, but it always seemed their movie offerings were a bit lackluster compared to the library of movies you would get at Netflix.

Until now it seems.

Since late last month 3,800 films are currently offered by Hulu after a significant growth from year-to-year whereas Netflix over the past two years have been decreasing their library to 4,300, a 33% drop in content. It also doesn’t help that they only brought on nine new movies in their offerings for April of this year while cutting off about 100.

Hulu on the other hand has been making monthly additions of 50-100 movies on their site with both of these trends likely to continue throughout the year.

The tide seems to be turning and begs the question, would fewer films over at Netflix make you consider dropping it for Hulu’s offerings or will you remain loyal? Let us know down below in the comments.

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