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Hulu courts cord cutters, coming out with live service.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 4, 2016

Hulu, after rounds of rumors, has finally admitted that they are going to actively dance with the cord cutting set. They are set to plug in a new live version of their streaming service, that would make them that much more tasty to people tired of traditional cable gouging.

Beginning sometime in 2017, Hulu will have not only their popular on demand shows but they will also dish up a direct TV line of live shows as they air. This appeals to geeks and peeps tired of paying for bloated cable packages when they only use about 20-30% of the channels. That’s my average by the way.

It's from hulu

No word yet on who Hulu will have on tap to provide their live programming but scuttlebutt is that Disney and Fox are two potential first adopters. It also helps they happen to be part owners of the streaming service.

While that all sounds good, what it boils down to is price. How much will it run? We’ve heard that it would be a very budget friendly at ~$40 and we’re fine with that. I pay over twice that as is and I still have Hulu and Netflix. I’m very, very tempted to put my cable company on the endangered list now.

Well geeks, how do you feel about this? Competition is good in my very humble opinion and this will hopefully put pressure on old cable to reform. If anyone can do it, Hulu can. Let’s hear what you got in the comments below!

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